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doxtail (neodox)
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  • Nok
    Hong Kong
    plurk : yam :
  • Brazil
  • Hong Kong
    Hi everyone! My name is 海月, a cosplayer from HongKong! Thank you for viewing my page! Here is my blog! Yam天空:
  • Malaysia
    I've started cosplaying during 2011, in the mid of May (21st I think) during the C2Age event. I'm still new inside this cosplay world, and I'm still trying my best to improve as best as I can.
  • Indonesia
    Hello everyone.. I'm Natsume I'm Indonesia Cosplayer [Newbie] My hobbies are Drawing and Watch Anime Anyway nice to meet you all here's my bio Name: Natsume Called: Natsu-chan, Atsu-chan Facebook:
  • Malaysia
    konichiwa!!!(っ-●益●)っ ,︵‿ ✻ Hello everyone!! ✻ I am a cosplayer at Malaysia. ✻ i like to cosplay and crossplay ✻ i very enjoy it (^ ^) (◠◡◠)✌ nice to meet you all!!!(>‿◠)✌
  • Singapore
    Just another cosplayer. Find me on Facebook at: Incy Veritas Instagram: incyminty
  • Taiwan
    ◆ 名前/Name: ユキノ/ yukino ◆ 国籍/Nationality:台湾/ Taiwan ◆ 連絡メール/e-mail:yuchan710★ (★=@) ◆ Cure No.:121765 (Cure会員公開) ◆ FB page: ◆ FB: 友達申請お気軽にどうぞ! どうぞよろしくお願い致します。 艦これ/IM@S/ダンガンロンパ/チェインクロ/ラブライブ!/うち姫
  • Taiwan
    {Plurk} {天空部落} 優柔寡斷,天性多變 手持狂刃,天誅地滅 天性樂觀,有多重性格,喜歡東奔西跑搞失蹤,有一把最珍愛的寶刀天誅,揮動時將引發可怕事件的發生....砍(驚!)XD **附有技能** 精通刀械:手持刀劍時,提升攻擊力 精通槍械:手持槍砲時,提升攻擊力 精通道具:強化道具使用能力,具有自行製作能力 精神狂暴:心情轉變,進入狂亂狀態,攻擊力.行動力大幅提升,具無視傷害疼痛,行動不中斷 以上存虛構
  • Japan
    Hello,Everybody! My name is gakuchan.I am a cosplay-entertainer. I make people laugh using costume play. We can communicate without languages if we have interesting photographs! I hold cosplay events and do many performances in Hiroshima in order to develop cosplay. please enjoy yourself by my interesting photographs. If you want to talk with me, please follow in the twitter. Let's lean about Japanese culture with me. HP
  • Indonesia
    Hello... >w< I'm cosplayer from Indonesia Yoroshiku!!! Facebook:
  • Finland
    Hi! I'm Mary and I've been cosplaying from year 2006...and I love it. <3 I can speak English, Finnish and Swedish.
  • Denmark
    Hi people, I'm Is-9! I'm 24 years old and have been cosplaying since 2004 (though the stuff back then was REALLY bad). In my daily life, I major in Japanese Studies at Copenhagen University. I'm part of the ECG Team Denmark for 2012, and was part of the WCS Team Denmark for 2009. Deviantart: Blog:
  • Brazil
    Hello everyone. I'm Diego Pereira A.K.A Daysuke. I'm a graphic designer and cosplayer from Brazil. Brazilian representative for the World Cosplay Summit - 2015. To view more of my work visit my Deviantart Account: or my Facebook Page: Thank you for your visit.
  • Japan
    Hi ! I'm Japanese Cosplayer. I love Resident Evil. Thanks for following me :) "RESIDENT EVIL Operation Raccoon City" The 3rd anniversary !!
  • China
    QAQ懒人一枚。服装道具化妆后期皆在修行中~东方project、机娘、剑三中毒中~>3<~ clamp、key社作品一生推! 小松です~日本語勉強中です~