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ユリコタイガー (YURIKO TIGER)
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  • Italy
    I'm Yuu Cosplay. I'm a italian Cosplayer since 2010. I Love all the Japanese Coulture and i like so so muche the Fashion of Harajuku and Shibuya. I visited Tokyo in september of 2014, and i think i'm going to study japanese in Tokyo when i finish High School. Follow me here ღ: Facebook:
  • Italy
  • Spain
    Haloo! はじめさして!エバです!よろしく! 私はスペイン人です! Hi! My name is Eva, but i'm known as Meiko Kameyama. I'm a cosplayer from Madrid, Spain, since 2010. Fb page! ->> Links in ->>
  • Italy
    Hi! I'm Simon, occasional cosplayer ~ 18, south italian, capricorn! ☆ dragonslayer of elven blood ☆ who acts like a spoiled prince ☆ I cosplay from 2009 annnddd I like to draw! I don't have any professional photos or similar but I hope you like my cosplays! ・ facebook page ・ tumblr ・ ・ deviantart
  • United States
  • Taiwan
  • Italy
    Hi ! I'm an Italian cosplayer, I love cosplaying female and male characters, for now I'm not an high level cosplayer but I'm going to do my best for be a good cosplayer ! Follow me facebook : twitter:
  • Italy
    Italian cosplayer since April 2014 :3 Please follow me in this new adventure!
  • Pakistan
  • Italy
    【Tumblr】 【Instagram】 【Youtube】 【Facebook】
  • Italy
    Hello! I'm Melissa and I'm an Italian cosplayer. I like reading manga and watching anime, in fact most of cosplay will be on these just mentioned.
  • Italy
    Hi ! I'm Nicha, a cosplayer from Italy ! I do cosplay since 2010 , I really like to play male characters because I feel more safer in men's clothes I hope you like my cosplay, bye bye ! FB: Twitter: Instagram: nichapin
  • Japan
    Great to meet you. I am a beginner cosplayer from Japan. Will up date I have to do... however under construction. Excuse me !!! and Thanks for read this. Appreciate.
  • Italy
    カオリ クロネコ Hey minna!! I'm Kaori, nice to meet you ^W^ I'm an Italian cosplayer. I love Japan! I'm a cosplayer since 2010, my first cosplay was Izumi Konata from Lucky star. Facebook: Instagram:kuronyankaori Bye!!
  • Italy
    Hi guys *^* My name is Jasmine and I'm an Italian cosplayer (fuck yeah (?) ) I seriously started to do cosplay few months ago because my passion for manga, anime and games was grown. I hope to become a nice cosplayer in the future. So, for now it's all. Bye :D However, my contact is: Facebook: MY OLD PROFILE IS THIS: I WON'T USE IT ANYMORE, SO FOLLOW ME HERE! :D