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    Hi! Lilian here! :) FB: Insta: @fujoshilim Page:
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    In case you're wondering, I favorited your photo because... A. You're really pretty. B. You take really good photos. C. You make really awesome costumes. D. All of the above. Filmmaker and Writer, Graphic Artist, and Hobbyist. By that I mean I like projects, and so making a little cosplay was my next challenge.
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    Hi, I'm Suzuhana Yuuta. A photographer from Vietnam. I really love Cosplay & Cosplayer, so I want to be friends with all Cosplayer in the world. Nice to meet you all :3 Love ya !!!!!
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    Hi there fellow Cosplayer (/ * w *)/ My name is Paula Alyssa Daylag.. I'm from the country called Philippines and I'm already 15 years old c": I started cosplaying back then December 16,2012.. I was 13 years old during that time.. I tried cosplaying because I really love watching animes and playing console and online games :3 I usually Cosplay characters who are tough,tsundere and have dark past :"D Here is my FB link: c:
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    Hello everyone. I'm Nanami comes from Vietnam. Expect people to help. FB; Gmail:
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    你好~ 這裡雪乃w 在COSPLAY還是新手一名.. 請大家家多多指點一下~ FB Hi, nice to meet u:3 I'm Yukino from Hong Kong~ I have been cosplaying for about one years only.. I'll keep trying my best to cosplay...hope u will like my photos:33 Here's my FB
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