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    Hi i`m Harley I love to talk to people and hoping to make lots of friends You can send me a message if you ever want to talk, i will always reply. ^_^
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    大家好,我是來自台灣的coser-子子,請大家多多指教♪( ´θ`)ノ Facebook page:https://m.facebook.com/ZiZi.may.game.shiao?ref=bookmark
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    I admire Coser Lucia ^^
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    Hello! I'm Juliko Azolino , a Taiwanese based in Singapore cosplayer/artist! CosFB: https://www.facebook.com/iko.cosplay ArtFB: https://www.facebook.com/Jukobaelet Instagram: @iko.cosplay https://www.instagram.com/iko.cosplay/?hl=en Thanks for visiting and nice to meet you! Deep appreciation for like/follow my worldcosplay here and my fb and insta! <3 Love <3
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    hey, i'm bee! i'm not a cosplayer but i love cosplayers.
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    hiii i'm not THAT good ad socialize with others but i do my best. i am very openminded and love to meet new people! i adore alexstrasza and am a heavy tea drinker. i looove tea. (well sometimes it needs a bit of sugar haha) nice to meet you! thank you for visiting my profile! if you like my work, it would be cool if you give my facebook page 'weaquen' a like :3 thank yoooou! hope to see you soon at a convention? xoxoxo wea'