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Colo-chan (Colo)
  • Philippines
    Hi! Lala here~ I'm a newbie in the cosplay world! Just now. Yeah. So, I hope we'll all get along and I hope I can learn lots from other cosplayers here too! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
  • Philippines
    Hi! Novice coser alert ^^" Anyhow... Thank you so much for checking out my profile :) IG: diyosangpatatas
  • Finland
    Ciao~ I'm Arumi (but everyone calls me Allu) and I'm Finn-Russian who lives in Finland I have cosplayed since 2009 and still love this hobby : > I'm not very good at cosplay, but I hope you like! Facebook - DeviantArt - and Twitter - (tweets are only in finnish) Instagram -
  • Poland
    Hey~~ <3 I'm Anna and I live in Poland >w< Nice to meet you >w< <3 My Cosplay Team page:
  • Japan
    Archive: Twitter: Blog: Facebook: 微博:
  • Mexico
    Hi! My name's Eria and I'm a mexican cosplayer, part of the Strider Cosplay Team. I'm 22 years old and I've been a cosplayer for eight years. I'd like to meet more cosplayers and friends, so feel free to contact me! :D Thanks in advice! <3 Strider Cosplay Team: Twitter:!/PrinceLelouchXI DeviantArt: Tumblr:
  • Mexico
    Cosmaker 5 años que llevo y con lo cual eh tenido muchas experiencias divertidas conociendo grandes personas y uniendome a un gran grupo de cosplay llamdo GLAM COSPLAY aqui en oaxaca esta nueva pagina me dara una nueva experiencia y espero sea de su total agrado mis trabajos presentados hi i am from mexico cosplayer I invite you to pass my facebook page that my suits your taste are presented
  • United States
    <<I love making music, costumes, and new friends!>> <<Message me! Let's be friends.>> (Photos sorted for ease of access.) LATEST SONGS / GAME REMIXES : NEWEST COSPLAY VIDEO: PLAY BALL! ダイヤのA COSTUME/MUSIC(REMIX)/VIDEO: 【Website】 【Facebook】 【Twitter】 【YouTube】
  • South Korea
    Hi ~ (/ ^ ㅁ ^) /~~ blog : twitter : @riret_U
  • Russia
    My name is Vega. I live in Russia. I like cosplay. My favorite anime - Neon Genesis Evangelion. Favorite cosplayer - Saya. I love to chat, write or call in skype: Vega.Gear
  • Peru
    hi people, i´m Ale and this is my art!!! i like the anime, manga, comics and videogame in especial aventure!!!! :)
  • Japan
    My name is Kanata Eight. 初めまして、かなたA斗と申します。 REBORN!を愛してます。 カーニヴァル、テニプリ、ハイキュー、ペダル、ラブライブ、ナナシス他 少年漫画中心にいろいろ大好きです。 現在は衣装作り勉強中。 iPhoneで撮影するのも好きです。 また、お友達募集中です。 I love "REBORN!" very much. I love Karnival, Prince of Tennis, Haikyu, Pedal, Love Live, 7th Sisters etc... I like various comic books. Now, I study maiking costume. And I like to take pictures by iPhone. Finally, I want to a friend who likes cosplay. Archive▶︎▶︎
  • South Korea
  • Yuu
    Hi, I'm Yuu and I'm a brazillian cosplay. I love this art and I want to improve myself even more <3 Is a pleasure to meet all of you! And let's be friends! <3 My Fanpage: Ample-Cosplay!: My DA: My CureCos: xoxoxo
  • Taiwan
  • Russia
    Welcome, friends! I am glad to see everyone in my profile.