Colo-chan (Colo)
  • Russia
    Hello, my name is Eve,I'm 21 years old. Nice to meet you :3 My Instagram: HANJI_ZOI Deviantart: Me at VK: Currently working on: Ben Tennyson (Ben 10) Bishamon (Noragami) Nora (Noragami) Yukihime (Demon Prince Enma) Hiragi Yuzu (Yu-gi-Oh! Arc-V) Astrid (Dragons 2) IV (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal) Wako (Star Driver) Rio Kamishiro (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)
  • Philippines
  • Spain
    I'm Drusi, a spanish cosplayer who love specially videogames ^^ I started with cosplay at 2011/2012 and I just have a few cosplays, here is a list: 1. Katarina from League of legends 2. Caitlyn from League of legends 3. Ysera from World of warcraft 4. Jewelry Bonney from One piece 5. Riven from League of legends You can see my projects on my facebook page Hope u like it! :)
  • South Korea
    雪名です(´・ω・`) よろしくお願いします~!
  • United States
    • Instagram: wutauu
  • Philippines
    Konnichiwa Minna-san..~ (*≧▽≦) Boku no namae wa Marvin-desu.. \(^▽^*) I Love Watching Anime, Reading Manga, Playing Computer Games, Cosplaying and Collecting Figures. I'm just new here. I hope we'll get along soon. (( O(≧∇≦)O )) Visit me on my: Facebook : Cosplyr :
  • ZIN
    South Korea
    안녕하세요, ZIN입니다 ~'v'~ Zin blog : mail :
  • South Korea
    Nice to meet you, thank you!♥ Is called the Siryun
  • South Korea
    free Follow (o'ω'o)♥ Twitter: Kjara89
  • jm
    South Korea
  • Japan
    登録して見ました。 細々とやりたいものをやるスタンスで活動しております。 Twitterもやっておりますので、 交流はそちらでさせてくださいませ^_^ Twitter kusanoshita Hi, thanks for looking. if you give me some acttion, I will get very happy. usually I'm staying in Twitter. please follow me:>
  • Thailand
    Hallo My name is Li-e I'm Thai cosplayer!
  • Russia
    Hello! I'm Tano, cosplayer from Russia. 【Tumblr】: 【DeviantArt】: 【】: 【Instagram】: and for russian speakers: 【VK】:
  • Taiwan
    【The season of AoKa-青火青COSPLAY同人寫真書】世界通販開跑中--- ※情報頁: Hello I come from Taiwan nice to meet you~^^ 青峰中心! 近期: 黑子的籃球 進擊的巨人 PSYCHO-PASS MAGI 以及各式各樣BL作品滿滿的愛XD 【FB】: 【微薄】: 【BLOG】: 【cure】:
  • South Korea
    윤주(YUNJU) Cure No. 59757 / Twitter FUB Free / 한국어,日本語,中國語
  • Canada
    Facebook Page: Cure: 135285