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Colo-chan (Colo)
  • France
    bonjour à tous je m appel stephane je suis de lyon France je suis cosplayeur depuis bientot 2ans et je fais differents cosplay comme EZIO ASSASSINS CREED SEPHIROTH....... Voici ma page cosplay facebook
  • South Korea
    대한민국 중부권 코스어 루거쟌입니다:) 잘 부탁드려요:D
  • Brazil
    My name is Niela, from Brazil. Cosplay is fun and I love it! DeviantArt:
  • Mexico
  • Japan
    I am a Japanese hero Masked DJ LION Best regards Twitter
  • Brazil
  • Germany
    Welcome to my crib
  • Germany
    Hello there! [ ///////////// Loading... /] Has anyone ideas what I should write down here? Uhm... I´m an Game Arts Student, Yaoi-Artist, Cosplayer of course, a bit shy °^° My hobbys are drawing, writing stuff, playing guitar, Tera and Aion If you want to know more, just dare to ask! :)
  • Philippines
    Hi! Novice coser alert ^^" Anyhow... Thank you so much for checking out my profile :) IG: diyosangpatatas WP:
  • Philippines
    Hi! Lala here~ I'm a newbie in the cosplay world! Just now. Yeah. So, I hope we'll all get along and I hope I can learn lots from other cosplayers here too! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
  • Poland
    Hey~~ <3 I'm Anna and I live in Poland >w< Nice to meet you >w< <3 My Cosplay Team page:
  • Japan
    My name is Kanata Eight. 初めまして、かなたA斗と申します。 REBORN!を愛してます。 カーニヴァル、テニプリ、ハイキュー、ペダル、ラブライブ、ナナシス他 少年漫画中心にいろいろ大好きです。 現在は衣装作り勉強中。 iPhoneで撮影するのも好きです。 また、お友達募集中です。 I love "REBORN!" very much. I love Karnival, Prince of Tennis, Haikyu, Pedal, Love Live, 7th Sisters etc... I like various comic books. Now, I study maiking costume. And I like to take pictures by iPhone. Finally, I want to a friend who likes cosplay. Archive▶︎▶︎
  • Qatar
  • Malaysia
    Domo~ Sankyuu neh~ Well-well the name is M, yoroshiku~ A part of The Seven Organization well an OC (Original Character) so what you call it. Been indulge this world of animation, manga, games and fantasy revive me from the slumber dream of so long..and reborn me as M. So in love with this world that I wish to become part of it but as my own chara, love to meet other lovable character that I dream to fight side by side or fight with (giggle) oh well too bad M having a major split personalities~
  • Yuu
    Hi, I'm Yuu and I'm a brazillian cosplay. I love this art and I want to improve myself even more <3 Is a pleasure to meet all of you! And let's be friends! <3 My Fanpage: Ample-Cosplay!: My DA: My CureCos: xoxoxo
  • Italy
    Hello everyone!(*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆ I'm a cosplayer since 2007. My name is Cristina, I live in Italy and I'm 22 y/o こんにちわ皆さん! 私 は2007からコスプレイヤーです. 私の名前はクリスティーナです, イタリア人 と 22歳です. はじめまして!! Follow me on Facebook