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Alvilda (Alvilda)
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  • France
    Hi there! I'm Chat (which means "cat" in english, what a strong and glorious name haha), a French cosplayer since late 2012. I hope you'll like my work! See more on Facebook:
  • Norway
    Yoo ! I'm Tsugane Yuu, a cosplayer from Norway. Not something professional, just enjoying my life in costumes.
  • Italy
    Hi I'm Camilla! I'm an italian cosplayer since 2013 ^U^ I like manga,anime, cosplay and drawing. I hope you'll like my cosplay! (^u^)/ DEVIANTART: FACEBOOK:
  • Taiwan
    永遠愛著黃瀨~ 希望大家會喜歡我cos的照片 非常歡迎認識 新朋友www plurk: FB專頁!/pages/%E5%B0%8F%E5%BE%B7-Delphi-method/156557414486624?notif_t=page_new_likes
  • United States
  • Israel
  • South Korea
    Hey everybody! It is really nice to show my pics here. I am a korean cosplayer and i ve been wanting to do this since middle school! Now I ve got the chance i wanted, You will have to watch every picture of mine♡ Thanks:)
  • France
    French procraftiner.
  • Taiwan
    hi~this is Akuna I love design /movie /music & cosplay FB-(main) Instagram- nil_akuna ASK- 『Official Fan Page』 old album - *update new photo when each rating to "10"~w
  • Russia
    Welcome, friends! I am glad to see everyone in my profile.
  • Germany
    Hello, my name is Sonja. I'm a german Cosplayer and 28 years old. I am cosplaying for about 12 years now. I'm really glad whenever somebody likes my photos and Costumes.! :3 Feel free to write or add me. My Website: tumblr: DeviantArt: Facebook: Next: -
  • Norway
    Hello ^^ My name is Melyn, 17 years old, studying drama . . . :P Well, I'm completly new to cosplaying, but i've admired it for quite a while now. I Really hope i can start cosplaying and become good :)) WHAITING
  • Hong Kong
    大家好 我是香港的COSPLAYER 我叫音鈴 請多多指教^^ Hello,My name is Musicling from Hong Kong. Nice to meet you all.
  • China
    中国大陆女汉子一枚~喜欢cos的业余coser,目前正在学习~想和经验丰富的coser们一起交流学习。本人正宗吃货,欢迎投喂!爱动漫,腹黑攻~有严重中二病…希望能和大家成为朋友啦~ Hi~I'm a Chinese girl .I like cosplay and I'm an amateur coser.I would like to communicate with cosers all over the world so that I can learn more about cosplay.I love comic.It is a part of my life.Though my written English is not very good,I believe we'll be good friends! こんにちは~私は中国からのcoser,私はみんなと友達になる~よろしくお願いします! PS.Love Axis Powers HETALIA &Tolkien very much!CURE NO.325429
  • France
    Hi :) I'm cosplayer since 2012 but I still incipient ~ I hope I can progress in cosplay :) My ask : My Facebook page : My Deviantart :
  • China