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Hwangja (Hwangja)
South Korea
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  • Hong Kong
    Hello :) I'm Bella, a cosplayer from Hong Kong but now studying in Toronto. If you guys enjoy my cosplay photos, please give them a like! <3 Please check out my Facebook page and Instagram too ^_^ IG - @jezebelxxx
  • Kyo
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • South Korea
    Facebook : Twitter :
  • KIO
    大家好~我是KIO 台灣的新手coser 請各位多多指教w ** みなさん~こんにじは!僕はKIOです 台湾のcoser 新手ですww よろしくお願いします(●ˊwˋ●) ** FB:
  • Viet Nam
  • Viet Nam
    Hi im cosplayer vietnam!!! Nice to meet you
  • Viet Nam
    Hi ! I'm Rikka I am a Cosplayer from Vietnam. Nice to meet you (ノ≧∀≦)ノ My FB:
  • Taiwan
    ❥Hello~ I am Monly! Monly is Taiwan COSPLAYER! Monly is very love Animax and COSPLAY! ❥哈囉我是抖M少女瞳瞳★Monly!叫我桶瞳#或是Monly就好了!目前就讀國中一年級!是臺灣中部COSER,歡迎約拍!如果有在中部場次看到我的話歡迎衝撞,拍打,餵食and合照!本命是♥金木研♥\\\超喜歡動漫的~♥希望和大家多認識~今後也請多指教!謝謝大家~ \(●ω●)/♥ ❥桶瞳超熱情的哦~希望可以和大家交朋友!趕快來找桶瞳聊天吧! \(●ω●)ノ♥ ❥Monly is from Taiwan, please enlighten. ● ω ● ❥Monly瞳 ♥Facebook♥ ♥E-mail♥
  • China
    大家好,我是来自中国大陆的咖啡猫,很高兴在WorldCosplay上认识这么多coser,望多多交流多多指教! 中英文都OK! Hi, everyone! I'm Coffee Cat from Chinese Mainland, it's a great pleasure to meet so many great costume players on, and I hope to communicate more! I can speak both Chinese and English! 【weibo】/新浪微博: 【bcy】/半次元: 【gmail】 【QQ】:914103499~欢迎勾搭~
  • ryo
  • Thailand
  • Rin
    Hi) I'm from Kiev, Ukraine. I am a great fan of japanese culture <3 I like anime and manga a lot *^* You can also find my cosplay here:
  • yu
    Not so active (cosplay is a very expensive hobby, duh) Doing one-two characters/year atm. Crappy pics, stalking perfect cosplayers. Thanks for visiting ヾ(´▽`)ヽ
  • South Korea
    도하 / DOHA Korean / Japanese / English Nice to meet you all~ Thanks for visiting my page! * CONTACT - Twitter : - Kakaostory : - Weibo : - Ask :