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    Hello, this is Komeiji/USB500, welcome to this page. A little bit of update. That female-to-male gender-swap version of Renko Usami? I originally wanted to crossdress as her, but then I thought "nobody has ever done a Brohou cosplay of Renko yet, so why not?" Once I get the outfit right I promise I'll properly cosplay as Renko. Also, Renko is love~♡ Thanks for following.
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    よろしく お願いします!
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    Hi, I am Diana better known as Baka Rin~! --------------------------- Email: Facebook: Instagram: akarix Twitter:
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    我目前主要在台灣北部活動! 東方project 霧雨魔理沙一直線ing!! 歡迎同好戳戳XD I live in and usually participate in events in Northern Taiwan. I always cosplay Kirisame Marisa in Touhou project series for now. Fans and mates of ACG are welcome! FaZebook:
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