Ruby比 (Ruby)
Hong Kong
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    Nice meet you! I'm Kikori cat.   I hope to make many cosplay friends all over the world! So,If you wouldn't mind, please be my friend!! e-mail address : Please e-mail me any time! I can use both Japanese and English. I want to study cosplay culture around the world. Please tell me culture of cosplay in your country! Let's enjoy cosplay! Cure. No.367645
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    Hi! I'm Judy Anne Kirishima, cosplayer from Philippines! - - amateur props maker | loves to draw,dance and eat =^w^= wanderlust | collector Nice to meet you! '> w <)> Feel free to visit my profile! :3 Follow/add me. <3 > Facebook: > Instagram: @yuchanbakanda > Cosplay Amino: Judy Anne Kirishima
  • Malaysia
    A person who loves manga,anime and cosplayer wannabe. A person who loves playing MikuMikuDance. A person who is one of Pewdiepie's Bro Army.
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    Nice to meet you! よろしく! Cosplayer from Dominican Republic \(*-*)/ Fan of: - MONSTER HUNTER - PERSONA 3 - CODE GEASS - TRINITY BLOOD - MAGI - LEAGUE OF LEGENDS -BLOG: -DEVIANTART: -INSTAGRAM: