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  • Argentina
    Hello〜 ☆! I'm a cosplayer since 2008, but a reaaaally lazy one, so please excuse my bad quality cosplays ;w; Anyway, I really hope you like it! ♥ ★ CureCos: ★ Deviant: ★ Tumblr: ★ YouTube: ★ Facebook:
  • Australia
    Hello! I'm Emma, From Australia! I've been cosplaying for a new years on and off but 2011 is when I really started to get into it! I love meeting new people/friends so be afraid to say hi!<3 初めまして! 私はエマでオーストラリアからのコスプレアです。 ♥ ペルソナ3&4、テイルズ,Legend of Zelda,銀魂, TIGER&BUNNY, 夏目友人帳、進撃の巨人、FREE! etc よろしくお願いします~! You can also find me at Deviantart;
  • Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong
    大家好~這裡是來自香港的律子~ 請大家多多指教~ 律子です~www よろしくお願いします!!wwww Hello! Nice to meet you! My name is Ritsuko. Cosplayer come from Hong Kong. Plurk: Weibo: Twitter:
  • Sia
  • Hong Kong
    Hi everyone I will always put my best effort to cosplay my favorite characters.
  • Portugal
    FaceBook Page: DeviantArt: Figure Collection:
  • Indonesia
    let me interduce my self i'm Moel Umboh from indonesia... I take this character (master roshi) because i think this chara is suitable for me. my body, my face my head is close enaugh with real master roshi in dragonball movie :D like master roshi, i wanna make this world is fullfill with love and peace... no war at any region,nation,etc. thanks to everybody who support me to be a cosplayer... peace everybody ^^v