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    登録してみました。 使い勝手なにもわかってません(笑) 素敵な皆様!フォロー失礼いたします(><)
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    Hey everyone! I'm a cosplayer from Hungary. ^^ I begin my cosplay in 2012. ■facebook: ■deviantART: ■twitter: ■instagram:
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    Hi Everyone! ^w^ My name is Sara but friends call me Hanji I am a italian Cosplayer and I love anime, manga and videogames (^3^)/ I really like do cosplay <3 Page on fb with my friends:
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    Hello there! I'm Reese from Brunei Darussalam. I enjoy cosplay and gaming. Nice to meet you! ^^ AMPLE: TUMBLR:
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    Hi. I'm Blue and i'm 18 years old. I love anime, manga, cosplay and japanese universe, while write, read, draw and hair style are my biggest passions. My favourite colors are turquoise and black. I'm Slytherin in Pottermore ♥ And finally, i live in Italy. My perfect OTP's are: NarutoSasuke YamiYugi SebastianCiel AloisCiel ShizuoIzaya IzayaKida RikuSora Twitter: Tumblr: Ask:
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    我是娘娘(鳳語)~Φ౪Φ 對於照片有任何問題或需要改善的地方歡迎來訊息指教>< Plurk: 歡迎戳粉or戳友・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・
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    Nice to know you all~ ● Ample ● ● Cure ● ● Fb ● ● Twitter ● ● Instagram ●