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  • Italy
    FB page with Boss Ask page Started to cosplay seven years ago, but only now i' m learning to do everything alone at home; i really like to make my cosplays <3 Next cosplay: Hajime Ichinose- Gatchaman Crowds Souda Kazuichi- SDR Sei Seragaki- Dramatical Murder Luka Sandplay of the Dragon Hime Shirayuri- Zone 00 Genocider Syo/Fukawa Touko- Danganronpa Nero- Devil May Cry 4
  • Italy
    Undici - Italian Cosplayer I love Final Fantasy and Assassin's Creed DEVIANTART: FB : TWITTER: TUMBLR:
  • China
    I cos name is Yinqing(Kaya) I come from China Suzhou I love cosplay!like paint and fashion . Want to know more! ****************************************** 我的COS名是瘾卿(Kaya) 我来自中国的苏州 我非常喜爱COSPLAY! 我喜欢绘画和时装设计 希望能认识更多人! -w-! 我的微薄myweibo: o(≧v≦)o~