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    Hi! I'm Sammy Chang,Japanese. Others of the Cosplay,recently that,I like the sceneryーphotograph which the pub, beach,Taiwanese street and so on.Currently, I'm exerting myself to make a [-TOHO Project- Environment of the Fantasy World]. That isn't accustomed yet to speak English. But Friend of the all over the world which is to make my dream. I'm glad to meet you.Thank you. はじめまして。カメラマンをしています。【東方Project】以外では、台湾系動漫【迷路小瑪在萬金】、【前進吧!高捷少女】、【冥戰錄】が大好きな日本人です。『大家請多關照♪』(アーカイブ:68689)
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    Hi i`m Harley I love to talk to people and hoping to make lots of friends So don`t hesitate to talk. ^_^
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    ~ コスプレヤー ~ DJ ~ ♪エロロリ♪ ☆シレトオー大好きです!☆ Cosplayer ~ DJ ~ ♪Ero Lolita♪ ☆Loves Stiletto's☆
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    Hi, I am Tierh from peru ;D Soy un cosplayer de peru, siguiendo este maravilloso, extravagante y divertido hobbie
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    We are a Group gathering as purpose to be helpful for Cosplay 's Activities , Our motive with non profit from supporting Cosplay with our main helping in Shooting Photo or joint in Cosplay Festival with the sharing with the Community with the photo about Cosplay, To help People to acknowledge about what is Cosplay. Our Page On Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/YuAninlove/
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    Nice to meet you. I am Cosplayers in Japan. English do not know a little. I have examined the English translation app. I'm sorry when I make a mistake. If you are satisfied, thank you to follow and love. Please feel free to talk! 【Cosplay can be】 ダイヤのA→降谷、御幸、沢村、幸子 NARUTO→カカシ、ガイ BORUTO→サスケ、ナルト 弱虫ペダル→新開隼人 虹色デイズ→松永智也 ラブライブ!→東條希、矢澤にこ 東京喰種→神代利世 らんま1/2→女らんま、男乱馬 【Twitter】@q232cmm2 【アーカイブ】402988 Twitter and CosplayersArchive Please also follow us!
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    I'm Walker from Cebu City, Philippines. I've been cosplaying for quite awhile already ^_^ I do this hobby for the sake of fun and also learning. I enjoyed learning new ways to improve different parts of crafting in cosplaying. From clothes, painting, armor-crafting and photographry ^_^ Feel free to chat up with me, I enjoy a good conversation ^_^