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    Hi~Hi~ 這邊是來自台灣(Taiwan,R.O.C)的精神病患(喂!)-凌嵐(Ryou) WC只會不定時的小小更新 速報主要地點: Plurk: 不過這邊住了一個精神病病患 請三思↑ 天空: 感謝您:D
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    I'm Indonesian Cosplayer i'm Javenese I Live in Surakarta middle java Indonesia love Japan culture, anime, martial art, music, etc my dream some day i will go to japan :D
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    NAME:柿太(SUTA) NICK NAME :彪彪 (BIAOBIAO) WEB▼ FACEBOOK▼ PLURK▼ 這裡是彪彪打滾的地方! FB戳友請隨意ˊQˋ
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    I'm a FtM Cosplayer from Germany. I love cosplaying very much and hope you'll enjoy my Work. Proud Citizen of Sound Horizon Kingdom ;D
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    Cosplay Photographer from singapore 100% otaku who loves to take cosplay photos Currently attempting to travel to different countries to get to know cosplayers around around the world! Please pm me if you're interested in getting to know me too :D Facebook Page (main): Deviantart:
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    Hello everyone~ ☆ Thank you for viewing my profile! I hope you like it! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I'm a cosplayer since 2008, so I've made a lot of cosplays so far! I love this hobby, I find it very... refreshing! It makes me feel free and I enjoy going to Conventions and have fun with friends while roleplaying! I'll add photos little by little! Stay tuned~ ♡
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    Hi everyone! my name is Eze Lía, i´m a cosplayer from Argentina and i bring to you all my work, hope you enjoy it as much i enjoy doing it. If you like it don´t hesitated and go to my facebook and deviantart pages, you will make me very happy ♥♥♥
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    Taiwan cosplayer - 千両(SEN RYOU) 台湾人ですが日本で留学したことがありますので日本語ができます。 どうぞよろしくお願いします(・∀・) Archive:237930 FANS PAGE:
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    日安,我是琉星,只是個喜歡cos的渣渣。 各方面持續加強中,還請多多指教。
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    大家好~我是貢丸~ 本人還是蠢蠢的新手~ 請大家多多包涵>< 想要拿我的照照去練ps我非常歡迎喔! 不過跟我講一下就是了^^ 因為我還是想看看我被p過的照照^^ 我相信大家一定可以把我p得很美^^
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    Hello everyone =) I'm cosplayer from Russia, I'm 20 ^___^ Thank you for viewing my photos) I often perform with my cosband at festivals, if someone wants to watch our shows, please go here ;) -