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  • Macedonia
  • United States
    毎年コスサミとディズニーハロウィンとセーラームーンと戦隊とタイバニが大好きなハッピーライフです。再登録となります。美しき正統 ニューヒロイン、ニューヒーローお待ちしています  世界中の噂になれたら良いね、嬉しいね・・・ プレイヤーズポールポジションの気持ちで臨んで参ります  セラムン、タイバニ、ディズニー、戦隊のアマチュア劇団やりたいです コスプレ復権の一歩となれるのか、皆さんで夢見る力を取り戻しましょう Wonderland Its In Your Heart ブログ CURE コスプレイヤーズアーカイブ
  • Spain
    Hello!! I'm a spanish cosplayer, nice to meet you!! ^3^ こんにちは!!わたしはスペインのコスプレイヤです、はじめまして!!o(^▽^)o My favorite cosplayers are K-A-N-A and Kaname <3
  • Spain
    Hii! my nickname is Lucy, I'm 19 and I live in Barcelona (Spain). I love cosplay and all the outfits and accessories hand I done, I hope you like them. ^^ All Photos can find the good quality in my other accounts: My deviantart-> Facebook page->
  • China
    OffIcial Site: Weibo: Face Book : Ask: Instagram: aaangelll
  • Taiwan
    你好~我叫ZouSan (象象) ●噗浪● ●天空● ●粉專● (象象 Zousan)
  • France
    Facebook > Twitter >
  • Colombia
    HOLA!!HELLO!!こんにちは!! n_n My name is Jhery, and I´m a Colombian cosmaker and cosplayer. I like to cosplay different characters that I like and I identify. Hope you like my work, which I always look to improve and have fun. view full photo galleries in my facebook page:
  • Taiwan
    【Plurk】 【照片倉庫】 【近況】 UL+鬼畜眼鏡+KAITO+YAMAHA社+幻想水滸傳II+特攝+TOGF = 蒼蒼 【愛】 本命-萬年幻水2+哨聲推廣,喬伊+龍也廚,廚到無以復加。 V家-永恆KAITO迷妹,YAMAHA社溺愛 UL-梅倫+魯卡+大小姐=蒼蒼 眼鏡-眼鏡片人妻大好 特攝-特命龍司+ESC,期待兩人步入禮堂    獸電阿空迷妹中,紅金能量不足 TOGF-ヒューバート天使不解釋
  • Taiwan
  • Taiwan
    hello~這裡鬼塚夜魅(Yeameai)~ I am Onitsuka Yami(Yeameai). -Yam: -Plurk: -FB:
  • Taiwan
    ★ 嗨嗨 ~ 我是Jiun (●ˊωˋ●)ゞ Hi Hi ~ I am Jiun (●ˊωˋ●)ゞ - * 【FB】 【Yam】 【Plurk】
  • Indonesia
    We are cosplay team from Indonesia. Facebook Page: 3 Idiots member : Andy Phebe (Master) Taqii (Slave) Ryuki (Slave) hehehe XD Yoroshiku ne~
  • Germany
    My name is Bell (known under my nickname Calssara) and I´m a costume artist from Germany and started in 2004. I´m 25 years old and a librarian. To meet new people and to find wonderful friends all over the world are the best things that come along with my hobby. I really love to create my own costumes, wear them, make photo shootings and create stage performances. Feel free to write me <3.
  • Taiwan
    Hello! I'm Meimi. Blood type:O Birthdate:10/24 I start to do cosplay in 2012. I hope you'll like my works (●W●) You can also see my pages here: Enjoy the photos! Thanks to all visitors!
  • Brazil
    Heyy :3 people do cosplay'm death-san cosplay vocaloid and several others, I'm an architect and I live in Brazil in 'x' a very green city be here for my cosplays and my attempts at cosplay postrar can follow if you want I'll be grateful! Thank you fans of cosplay ^ ^