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    Hi,everyone♡ I am SHERMAN from HongKong.(≧ω≦) I'm glad to share my works with you, hope you like it!(*'∀'人)♥*+ cosplay-related business Please send email here. My workshop My cosplay team
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    -19 years old from Hong Kong Cosplayer Thanks for watched my composition And May the Force be with you always ! 來自香港的一名道具!學徒... 請大多多指教喔~ 喜歡自製道具及盔甲 和熱愛扮演外國電影人物角色!/
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    I'm Amiko. I'm from Russia. I love to do cosplay and play video games ^_^' 【Blog】: 【Facebook】: 【Twitter】: 【Deviantart】: 【Instagram】: 【Worldcosplay】:
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    Amante del arte del cosplay desde hace pocos años, feliz de poder sentirse por momentos por pequeños que sean, aquellos personajes que me han deslumbrado a lo largo de mi vida :) / lover of the cosplay art since a few years, glad to could feel like thouse characters that I had love even if it is by little moments :)