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    I stand for Taiwan's lndependence. * YouTsbe:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfGVyIPlSxt1SVDFINaNPyQ 本人專頁:https\://www.facebook.com/CatPing.Creation/ 暴牙兔女:https\://www.facebook.com/Buck.teeth.rabbit/ InstaGram:https://www.instagram.com/taiwan_letter.191/ https://www.instagram.com/catping1993/ * 40799 台中何厝郵局第191號信箱 P.O.BOX 191 Taichung Hecuo Taichung City 40799 Taiwan(R.O.C.) * 彩繪服務:插畫/紋身/傘面/布面/扇面/道具/肌肉.等 假髮服務:修剪/造型/染色/修復.等 彩妝服務:歐美/老/特效/時尚/仿.等 道具服務:飾品/道具.等 *歡迎來圖估價*
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    Hey~ I'm Raye, nice too meet you all. I haven't done many cosplays yet but I hope you enjoy it^^ I also have a DA were I post diferent pictures if you want to check it out: http://soysan.deviantart.com/
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    sigueme en estas paginas follow me in this sities (Facbook)http://facebook.com/mihaumary (website)http://mihaumary.ya.st (blog)http://mihaumary.blogspot.com/ (deviantart)http://mihaumary.deviantart.com (youtube)http://youtube.com/maruchandigimon01 (my cure)http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=300314 (my tumblr)http://mihaumary.tumblr.com/ follow me in facebook and twitter Mihaumary @Mihaumary
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    はじめまして、えりこと申します! オーストラリア→イギリスに留学しています 中文/English ok! 日本語初心者ですwww アニメと特撮か大好きです❤❤❤ 特撮:   仮面ライダーカイム・カブト・ウィザード   仮面ライダーゴースト アニメ:   Free! -Eternal Summer-   文豪ストレイドッグス 趣味が合う方よろしくお願いしますw FB: http://www.facebook.com/eizro.lau cosp:319097 Hello nice to meet you here, This is Eriko and studying in UK now! 上面的都是浮云,天朝人,还是说中文最习惯(
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    名:小素,SoSo,Soso-Chan I'm cosplayer from Hong Kong!nice to meet you all >< hope you love my cos ♥ ☆ 【Face Book】:http://www.facebook.com/SosoCosplayer ☆ 【Cure】: http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=359294 ☆ 【DeviantArt】 : http://sosochan1314.deviantart.com/
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    wig shop : http://phoenixiaoio.taobao.com/ blog : http://phoenixiaoio.blog.163.com/ deviantart : http://phoenixiaoio.deviantart.com/ weibo : http://weibo.com/phoenixiaoioalpaca
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    是我!裘德洛 sina: http://t.sina.com.cn/doria7676 Cure:http://ja.curecos.com/profile/?ch=64150 DA: http://doria76.deviantart.com LFT:http://doria76.lofter.com/ BCY:http://bcy.net/cn114136