NikkiFrost (Veronika)
  • Czech Republic
    I'm 24 years old, live in Czech Republic and you can call me Siky. Also, I'm very shy and timid. Like a small animal so if you want to approach me, do it calmly with a snack, please. ≧▽≦ ✧anime,manga fan✧shipping freak ✧yaoi and yuri fan ✧girl addicted to horror games ✧bookworm✧fanfic!whore✧history lover ✧socially awkward, shy but really friendly girl ✧pessimist who loves fun and laugh Blog:
  • Japan
    ^□^...•□•...>□<...●□●...*□*!? 世界のすべての中!こんにちは! ^ - ^ 私の名前はみゆきであり、私は13歳です。 私は黒執事が大好き! ♡ >□< Facebook page~ ○■○♡ Please visit me..and like my page! I will like your page back!
  • Mexico
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