Alessia Azalina (Alessia Azalina)
  • Hong Kong
    Cosplayer from HK:) Nice to meet u :DDD Plurk:
  • Italy
    (23) art student, cosmaker, self-proclaimed evil mastermind (...) lolita in the next life i'm practicing my japanese, sorry if i write mostly in that language (^_^; ) FEEL FREE TO WRITE ME VIA PM, I LOVE MAKING NEW FRIENDS *3* FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM TUMBLR:
  • Macao
    Hello everyone~ I am BECKY from Macau Nice to meet you~ Sorry that I only know Chinese and English Welcome to make new friends!^^ 在澳門的小薯仔一名 喜愛冷作品冷角色 交流歡迎>< blog: album: