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  • Taiwan
    Nice to Meet You All :)
  • Japan
    FINAL FANTASYやKINGDOM HEARTS、MACROSS Fを特に好きです。 宜しくお願いします。 アーカイブ Cure 私のサイト
  • Germany
    facebook: Deviantart: instagram: twitter:!/Green_Makakas weibo: Hi! We're cosplayers from Germany. We love bringing our favorite shows to life. We sew all our costumes & shoot 90% of our photos ourselves too :)
  • Malaysia
    ciaaooo~hello people~i'm a cospalyer from malaysia~! feel free to come over my place~OwO
  • Malaysia
    Hi,Im huko from Malaysia,this account just put the newest photo only,old one can see in my website,thanks for the watch and favourite!!XDDD hope to meet more cosplayer here,yoroshiku onegai shimasu!! 你好,我是马来西亚的小空~这个户口只是放置新照片比较多,旧照可以在我的天空部落格看到XD 谢谢你们的厚爱哦哦哦*大心* 中国台湾香港新加坡的亲也可以来搭讪哦!!!*羞奔* 天空: DA: CURE: 微薄:
  • Singapore
    Shizuka / Rainer Cosplayer from Singapore sites. [ fb ] [ tumblr ]
  • Thailand
    I'm a cosplayer,my name is YukiGodbless. Thailand team represent for World cosplay summit 2011. I'm armor holic and all costumes are my hand made only. More info and full cosplay album : If you wanna know me : Thank you <3
  • Mexico
  • Malaysia email:
  • Malaysia
    Hai everyone!!! Kuro here :)) I have been in love with cosplay for 2 years now,started it on 2009. My love for anime/manga and games is disastrous to my wallet ;W; I love making props any sizes :D Some of the costumes are self sewn/made by myself. Others are tailored :> The props are all self made :) My DA :
  • Malaysia
    (ノ´∀`*)ノ やぁ!マレシアからのリステルです。 ぜひ、よろしくお願いします( ・ω・)ノ Hi ! I'm Ristelle from Malaysia :D ✿ Facebook ✿ 半次元 ✿ My Kagerou Project Group
  • Ren
    Hi! I'm Ren from Malaysia~! Thx for viewing & nice to meet ya~ Cure: 133420 any friend request for FB, please do leave a msg tat u r from World/Cosplay. ^w^ thx
  • Vyx
    Hey,I'm Vix. Nice to meet you :)
  • Malaysia
    cure: DeviantArt: facebook: weibo: (植木姐姐ShineNg) youtube:
  • Malaysia
    I'm a designer, blogger, moviegoer, reviewer, cosplayer, gamer, collector, photographer and a lot more -er. I've been cosplaying since 2006. I'm hopelessly in love to my husband, Zend ;D Please visit my curecos ( 優雅の蜂蜜 ), I have more photos of my costumes there :D I'm in cosplay amino too!
  • Malaysia
    私はのFacebookに: 私はのTwitterに:!/Miwakoharuki Cure No. 232156