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    Hello everyone and welcome to my profile :) My name is Alessandra and I'm from Turin, Italy. I love to do cosplay and in addition to this hobby I cultivate the passion for swimming and drawing. I hope that you like my photos and that you will rate them! ♡ ♡ ♡ FOLLOW ME GUYS \(^-^)/
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    Hi~ Here is a half-skilled cosplayer -- PIAOPIAO I'm come from HONG KONG~~ My favourite VOCALOID is KAITO!!!Also,LILY & LUKA is my love too~ Nice to meet you!!! 喲~ 這裡是半熟的cosplayer -- 飄飄 >v< 雖說拼音是用普通話...不過我是土生土長的香港人哦!!! VOCALOID中我最喜歡的就是KAITO了!!不過LILY和LUKA也是我的菜!!\(^0^)/ 至於其他的...太多了不盡錄~看這裡的相片就會知道了~>v0 請大家多多指教~ CURE NO. = 327496 **UPDATE CASUALLY** **不定期更新** WEIBO(微博):
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    † 動画 YouTube † HP † 最近はアーカイブの方に行っております。
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    안녕하세요! 2014년2월부터 코스를 시작한 리안이라고 합니다! 잘부탁드려요!!
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    Hi o/ My name is Gii and I'm a brazilian cosplayer since July 2013 I hope you enjoy my work >__< Thanks for visiting, follow and likes ♣ Instagram:
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    Good day lovelies~ I'm Harsha, a cosplayer from Indonesia. I don't talk much, so I hope my feelings can reach you through my pictures I hope you enjoy your stay ฅ(。•ㅅ•。ฅ) happyhappy, Harsha ☆彡
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    Hello!^^ my name fatim, I'm cosplayer from Indonesia cosplay since 2011 i would like to friends with people especially cosplayer around the world, i tried my best to make all my cosplay's accessories and costume,hope you like it (/>.<)/ also you can find me here^^ facebook : Twitter :
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    Fan page: Mi Facebook Neo Umbrella Chile
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    Viet Nam
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    Hey guys My name is Jenny, I'm from Venezuela I like to cosplay but photography is also one of my hobbies You can find me on Animexx Deviantart:
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    hello, sweeties! I'm a cosplayer since 2006.(damn I'm so old) I always do cosplays with my wife Some people say I'm good in charachters with wicked gaze, ahahah! Hope you can enjoy my page, I'd love to know you all.
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