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Meiji (Meiji Greenie)
Viet Nam
  • Viet Nam
  • Viet Nam
  • Peru
    Hi, I'm 「ARiA」, 「虎桜」,「Maurizio」,「Heine」And others names, I'm peruvian, well, nice to meet you, we will make friends ;) . どうぞよろしく。 FB: TW: -I can speak 4 idioms (Spanish, Italian, japanese, english) -私の学校はハイスクール軍 レオンシオ・プラド
  • Viet Nam
    I'm a cosplayed and makeup artist from Vietnam. I started cosplay from 2014 so I'm still the newbie and my cosplay may not reach my or your hope but I welcome any comments to improve in the future.
  • Philippines
  • Not set
  • Viet Nam
    Hi guys, I'm a cosplayer from Vietnam Nice to meet you all :3
  • Indonesia
  • Taiwan
    這裡是縴影(小影) FB: 天空:
  • Philippines
    Hello! My name is Reishi~ ^^ Thank you for passing by! My cosplays aren't perfect but I try to improve them little by little. I enjoy doing it very much, especially with my friends ^^. Have a nice day and I hope we can be friends too...come say hi~ XD [ FACEBOOK PAGE ] = [ FACEBOOK PROFILE ] = DEVIANTART == INSTAGRAM == reishicolleen Cure No.345719 Matta Nee~
  • Viet Nam
    Binh Phoenix Photography - Official Page- ~ Photographer - one shot can change your life forever ~ Follow me at :
  • Rei
    Facebook: Instagram:
  • United States
    Arisla Yukishiro Hi, I'm a Taiwanese cosplayer! E-mail: Facebook:
  • Ria
    Hiya~! I'm a Canadian cosplayer, fluent in both French & English. I may have a babyface, but I'm 25 years old and 5'4" tall. I cosplay mostly "kawaii/moe" characters, as I tend to smile most of the time, though I do try my best at cosplaying emotionless/mature/sexy characters from time to time. I have many characters that I'd like to cosplay, and this page shall record my progress. More pictures of my cosplays at:
  • China