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小吻( yumi ) (YUMI CHENG)
Hong Kong
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  • Indonesia
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    Cosplay Lover - Anime - Manga - Music - and more... ~~~CIAO~~~
  • Malaysia
    New in Photography, nice too meet you all. FB
  • Taiwan
    宮野可弥☆(Koya) 台湾から来ました!よろしくね!
  • kg
  • United States
    Hello!♡ My name's Taylor, but you may call me Kitten.☆ I'm just a 19 year old girl who loves hello kitty, cute things, anime & many other things. I really love and enjoy cosplay, and I want to cosplay one day, it's a dream of mine. Nyaan Nyaa~ :3 ♡
  • Canada
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  • France
    Bonjour, Je suis photographe amateur depuis juillet 2012 J'ai également quelques gros projets de cosplay en cours, mais qui verront le jours que dans très longtemps. Si vous avez le temps, n'hesitez pas a aller faire un tour sur ma page Facebook ainsi que mon compte 500px.
  • Hie
    Hello everyone!! I'm Hie Quinto from Philippines. Note: Hie reads as "Hee-ye" I cosplay because this is how I show my appreciation to the anime that I love. I also read. I actually prefer Manga or Light Novel than Anime, but I enjoy all nonetheless. I COSPLAY anyone as I please. I don't cosplay to please others. Because it's my HOBBY and PASSION.
  • Taiwan
  • Taiwan
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  • Thailand darudere
  • Malaysia
    Facebook: Email: Hello everyone :D My name is Amamiya Tsuki, a new Malaysian cosplayer. :P Since 27th September 2014