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    Hi, I am Diana better known as Baka Rin~! Contact;; Email: Facebook: Instagram: akarix Twitter:
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    【Unlight/Magi/各式小說/新楓之谷/彩雲國物語/晨曦公主/秦時明月<---基本上就廚這些】 【歡迎關注喔喔喔喔喔OwO//】 【ASK:】
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    Hello I´m Katarina. Everybody call me Neko :3 Cosplayer from Germany Follow me (if you want x´D) DA:http: Facebook: Twitter:
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    Hello, I'm a photographer from Brazil. Nice to meet you! I hope I can meet lots of cosplayers and photographers here. Let's all be friends! Facebook Page: Instagram:
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    ✢ 這邊是來自港家的雲尼!請多多指教!(`・ω・。)ノ ✢ 管理員慢熱、沒自信,產量極低、還長期放置Play。請多加愛護,著量勾搭。 ❤ From Hong Kong. ❤ Cosplay since 2005 ✖ All creations are used for experience exchange. ✖ For those who may concern, it is a pleasure for us to see your Follow. ▶ FaceBook Page For More Photos :
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    Hi everyone, I come from Vietnam, a small and beautiful tropical country which very friendly people. I had cosplayed sice I was 13 and I love it so much. Hope you guys will help me more ~ love all ya <3
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    W'up 皆さん!!! Welcome to World Cosplay. I'm a Cambodian cosplayer. Currently live in Perth Australia. Reika-sama is my goddess. I love and watch all kind of anime (seriously, all kind/genre) and Cosplay (improving) よろしく おねがいします (^3^)7 Facebook= Deviantart= Instagram= housekimio
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    Rosenfla, detective haha
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    Hello! I'm Sei [Zwei] from Philippines! Nice to meet you!
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