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seraphik (seraphik)
New Zealand
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  • Taiwan
    哈囉!!!大家好=////= 我是雪雪!!!(鞠躬) 大家快來跟我做朋友!!!!(羞奔 天空部落:
  • New Zealand They make me pee my pants a little. <3
  • New Zealand
    ニュージーランドからのコズプレイヤーです。好きなものはコズプレ作り、アニメ、仮面ライダー、漫画、音楽と化学「大学」。英語と日本語も喋りますのでよろしくお願いします。 Hi I'm a cosplayer from New Zealand. I speak both English and Japanese fluently. I enjoy making cosplays, anime, Kamen Rider, manga, music & chemistry (major) It's nice to meet everyone. 「DeviantArt」 「Curecos」 「Tumblr」
  • New Zealand
    Shannon, 22, NZ. I love sewing and making things, and cosplaying with friends! 始めまして!シャノンです。ニュージーランド人のコスプレイヤーで、アニメやゲームなどが大好きです!よろしくお願いします☆日本語でおk! |
  • New Zealand
    Hello there~ A cosplayer from the tiny cozy country of NZ. I've been cosplaying since 2006 and am a computer graphic design graduate, currently doing photography. Facebook: Tumblr: Photography:
  • New Zealand
    Greetings~ I've been cosplaying for about 3 years now, but I've only just started making my own cosplays since the start of 2011~ Wanna chat, some of my contacts are here
  • New Zealand
    Hello! I'm Tails, a cosplayer living in New Zealand. Sadly it seems I have neglected this account for a few years now, whoops! Updating it would take forever so please can you find me on my facebook or dA instead :)
  • New Zealand
    Hi guys! I'm a cosplayer from New Zealand. I have been cosplaying since 2005 and costuming since I was 4. I hope to put my skills to good use and become a costume designer for films. My deviantart is
  • New Zealand
    どうも。 NZに住む擬人化狂いです! コスは/なるべく/自分で製作してます。そして作っといて写真をあまり撮らないフリーダムなレイヤーです。 よろ!
  • New Zealand
    Hey, I'm a cosplayer from New Zealand! I've been cosplaying for a few years, but only consider this year to be where I've seriously started putting in some effort (: I'm 19, and currently a student (: DeviantART: