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由里姐 (Yuri)
Hong Kong
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  • kei
    よろしくお願いします┗(^ω^)┛! cure*55635( archive*192971( biog* Twitter*鍵なし→keisannu (鍵あり→kkei0220)
  • Hong Kong
    大家好!!!我是西施喲 OwO// 我是在香港的Photography & Cosplayer 在這page我會放自己的Cos照, 而yam會放我拍的照片, 歡迎去欣賞喲^^ 如想聯絡我, 下面已寫了聯絡方法喲~ Hi my name is Francis (あずさ). I'm a Photography & Cosplayer in Hong Kong. I upload some of my Cosplay photos here. And upload my photograph in the album at yam. I feel free if you want to contact me.^^ 聯絡: contact: Facebook : Plurk :
  • Hong Kong
    初めまして、黒崎小夜ですw よろしくねw 這是黑崎小夜w 請多多指教w yo!I'm saya.Neet to meet you~ 己龍、最遊記、銀魂、ナルト、the unlimited 兵部京介 同好歡迎勾搭ww
  • Yan
    FB: ASK: Plurk: 請多多指教:)))
  • China
    cn 零熾凰 (零LINGCH) Not very talkative, tired of time doesn't talk much, Occasionally people feel difficult to approach. Like a quiet environment.Afternoon tea and some friends to get-together. For cos, perfectionism that a little carp,The best original works is I to own the basic requirements. 「Weibo」 「Face book」ID.零LINGCH( ) 「Ask」 Cure No. 330554 【零式工作室】
  • Taiwan
    【FB】 【微博】
  • TEI
    Hong Kong
    This is 帝/TEI's WC page. I am now staying in Hong Kong (香港). fb: instagram: tei0312 It's a pleasure to meet you. 請多多指教。 よろしくおねがいします。 Love: ダイヤのA、saint seiya, slam dunk、魔法少女, creamy mami, HXH, 絕愛bronze, ガラスの仮面, 花より男子, 少女マンガ etc.
  • Hong Kong
    楓神秀吉の美型男子及偽娘向専頻!尊貴Cosplayer限定^^ 希望招喚俺小楓或秀吉@v@,並好好和各位親作交流QvQ 秀吉の美しい型の男子と偽りのお母さんへか?しきりに!尊敬するCosplayerが~~を限定して 秀吉@v@に呼びかけることを望んで、そしてよく各位と交流^^を行います My name is call Hideyoshi and I am cosplayer. Nice to meet all friends and welcome to talk about Cosplay things
  • Hong Kong
    各位好,我是來自香港的玻璃雀(琉璃雀)。 請大家多多指教(艸) ◆ Hello every one! I'm Glassbird(Stella) from Hong Kong and nice to meet you all! I hope you will like my cosplay. ◆ WEEBLY: FACEBOOK PAGE:
  • United States
    Tama and Ataito, cosplayers from USA. 這裡是小蛋 and 小提。。♥ Facebook Page: 蛋 Tama: 提 Ataito: (New) Weibo: 天空部落:
  • Japan
    I love HAYATO GOKUDERA! ただのアホの子です。10年後獄寺さんに心持っていかれてます。
  • Hong Kong
    大家好,我是香港的cosplayer,我叫hibiki,請大家以後多多指教! はじめまして、わたしは香港人のコスプレイヤーです、ひびきと申します、よろしくお願いします。 Hello.Im Hibiki who is cosplayer from Hong Kong.Nice to meet you. 有興趣的話可以到facebook跟我交朋友啊:D よければ、Facebookで友達になってください:D This is my Facebook and please add me:D My Facebook:Hibiki Hui( 三次元日劇,特撮,日本藝能人大好wwwww
  • Japan
    Hello! My name is ManamiKanzaki. Sorry,I am not good at English. However, I wish to become friendly with Cosplayer in the world. Please do not hesitate to speak(^▽^) ■Cure ■CosplayerArecive ■Twtter ID:xxbluetearxx
  • Hong Kong
    I am glad to see you all here, this is Ayasei from Hong Kong! Website : Facebook (Fanpage): Facebook (Personal): Tumblr : Blog :
  • Hong Kong
    我來自香港的COSPLAYER灣灣 1827本命喔(blush) 喜歡:Gosick,love live,RB,Vocaloid,戰國無雙,k-on,sao~~!!yo~~~~~ 多多指教0_< I am a cosplayer that come from HK favourite: Gosick,love live,RB,Vocaloid,戰國無雙,k-on~~!!yo~~~~~ -------------------------------------- Skype:yawi_mm Cure : 243308 Plurk:yawi27 cosplay page :
  • Hong Kong
    禁止轉截或二次使用 FACEBOOK: PLURK: ALBUM: ANPLE: WC: Cure No. 315545