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空气娘 (kuuki)
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  • Thailand
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    Encantado! Me llamo SouthField.
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  • Singapore
    Hi there, I'm from Singapore. I enjoy playing games, especially JRPGs. My favourite idol/seiyuu is Mizuki Nana!!! <3 I am a very big fan of her. Anyways, nice to meet you and hope you like my photos ^^ FB:
  • Japan
    HP→ Cure No. 27383
  • Philippines
    Hello! amateur cosplayer here. Doing it just for fun. ^_^
  • YAN
    Hong Kong
    i am yan live in hong kong,i would play costume on unhappy moment,can joy me anime:jojo,high school dxd,銀魂,網球王子,深淵傳說,黑執事,死神,龍珠,PM,我家狐仙,魔偵探,魚仙,名偵探,制裁者,魔王,歌王,ggo,亂馬,守護,尋找 comment ca va
  • China
    目前因为很忙所以没有机会考斯0 0但是有复活的预订!在为了能出自己男人而努力中!!我要变帅! キャラメイク苦手なんです。(;´・ω・)でも頑張ります!いまはいろんなことで忙しくてコスプレをする時間がないですが、来年復帰する予定なんです。自分の好きな男性のキャラをうまく演じられるように頑張りたいと思っております!どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Now I'm too busy to do cosplay but I will be back next year. :) And right now I am learning how to do male characters' makeup since I am really not good at this XD