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月蟬時 (Tsuki)
Hong Kong
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  • North Korea
    안녕하세요, 제 이름은 스콧 유세프입니다.
  • Malaysia
    my name jetlim jinwang I,m cos all character my chin name 林锦王 I'm from Malaysia Penang I cos sword art online/fairy dance this year 2015 Unbreakable Machin Doll~Raishin Seirei tsukai No Blade Dance~Kamito kazehaya Sword Art Online Alicization~UWO Kirito Sword Art Online 2~GGO Kirito Akame ga kill~Tatsumi The last naruto the movie~naruto june and dec will coming new character soon
  • Russia
  • Taiwan
    HI 我是默昀
  • Philippines
    Hi! everyone I'm Arki Nerie from the Philippines. I started cosplaying i think it was year 2003. My first costume is Snow White which sewn by my mother. I used it in a costume Christmas Party of an organization which I am a member and I won the first prize. As of now I tried to use recycled materials for my costume as much as possible. I want to promote an environmental friendly cosplay. I want to have cosplayer friends from different countries.
  • Taiwan
    歐嗨喲! 我是多諾米!來自台灣的COSER~ 什麼時候接觸COS的已經忘記了(## 但是還沒出過幾次角~
  • Taiwan
    大家好~ 我叫小白!! 台中人 ----- 噗浪: FB: 歡迎加好友、搭訕,但是加以前請先私訊/噗這樣XD (ex 例如在哪裡看到我的......巴拉巴拉) ----- 出沒場次 ------
  • Malaysia
  • Brazil
    Welcome! My name is Tamara and I'm cosplayer since 2010. I made myself my costumes and some accessories. I hope you like my cosplays. More: - Facebook - DevianArt -Instagram Thanks for the affection of all! ^ ^
  • Germany
    Welcome to my Worldcosplay Site. I'm a German Cosplayer from Munich. Visit my Facebook Page:
  • Taiwan
    初次見面,您好。 我是墨默君,是一位台灣的coser。 歡迎各式各樣的交流,以及分享連結。 こんにちは。 始めまして、台湾の墨默君と申します。 私と知り合ってくれるのが大歓迎です。 Hello,I am Bernadette. I come form Taiwan. Nice to meet you.
  • United States
  • Thailand
    Hello My name is Hellenna rose [my friend call me 'ploy'] I'm from thailand I love to sing songs anime nice to see you ;D I LOVE APH <3 FB:
  • Taiwan
    大家好! 我是林風月,叫我月就可以了 也會有人叫蒼澪 想要多多認識我的人可以在FB收尋 " 林風月 " 粉絲業:細數未來
  • Brazil
  • Taiwan
    這裡是砂砂 目標是坑完所有版本的千冬歲(醒醒) 大概就是個一輩子的夏千控 最近全職、UL爆坑中 Facebook: Plurk: