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    안녕하세요 방갑습니다. 꾸벅 모두 편안한하루보내세요 Blog:http://tongcastentertainment.tumblr.com 제가운영하는 나만의쉼터 Tistory초대신청은 방명록에비밀글로E-mail주소 남겨주세요 Video:www.dailymotion.com/tongcastentertainment 놀루오세요 모두환영합니다. 제 SNS친구추가시 주위사항: SNS친구추가하기전 자신의SNS에 사진,이미지올리신후 신청허가합니다. 그렇게하시지않으실경우 거절하겠습니다.
  • Viet Nam
    My nickname 's Haruka Hiyama :3 Just call me Hachan for short ~ I'm cosplayer Vietnamese. I love Cosplay , sing , dance . My favorite anime is Hitman reborn , Kaichou wa maid sama , Love live . I want to have new friend all the world <3 Nice to meet you !
  • Taiwan
    嗨嗨這裡是小米//// 目前雖然還沒cos..... 但日後會辦喔!!!!! 好愛好愛好愛大家的cosplay///// 目前還是路人甲還請您們多多指教(鞠躬
  • China
  • China
  • South Korea
    2AO Design Korea's cos Player Airi face book https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007808597545 blog http://blog.naver.com/shining_airi E-mail : swat0705@naver.com
  • Spain
    I am 21 years old Spanish designer and illustrator who loves cosplaying. Taking seriusly since 2013 (it´s not too much I know!) Cosplays to come: -Ahri Popstar (League of Legends) (Hating the 9 tales right now) -Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon)
  • Japan
    Nice meet you!! I'm Kikori cat. I hope to make many cosplay friends all over the world! So,If you wouldn't mind, please be my friend!! e-mail address : ki_ko_ri_cat@yahoo.co.jp Please e-mail me any time! I can use both Japanese and English. I want to study cosplay culture around the world. Please tell me culture of cosplay in your country! Let's enjoy cosplay! Cure. No.367645 http://ja.curecos.com/profile/?ch=367645
  • Thailand
  • China
    Hello Nice to meet you. my Name is Amevangelist and u can call me Ame I am a Cosplayer from Shanghai. I love Anime、Manga! and cosplay はじめまして、わたしはAmeです. わたしの日本语があまりよくないので、よろしくね 不是很多图请多多见谅....来WC看更多前辈的作品多多学习! my weibo:『http://weibo.com/Amevangelist』 Instagram:AMEVANGELIST
  • South Korea
  • Ice
    Hi! My real name is Ice [serious it is my real name]. -I am now trying to cosplay as i find it fun to cosplay -gain more confidence in myself -I do more anime drawing/ manga art then cosplay as i need to make own cosplay costume and i am now: ~14years old ~still studying - will only make props and costume after school ends -dream: Mangaka Instagram: http://instagram.com/nekochan4u Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iceotaku ask.fm: http://ask.fm/OtakuIce
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