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    facebook: X3~
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    Hi ! My name's Bẹp. I'm from Vietnam. I love cosplay, but I'm not cosplayer.
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    アーカイブから画像お引越し中( ´θ`)ノ Twitter unkunk0715
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    Hello! We are Kyoouya and Alex. We are two Spanish guys (FTM) who love the world of cosplay. Our dream is to be great cosplayers and able to travel and live in Japan. It is a long way but we hope that with effort and determination we can get to meet someday. Twitter: Kyoouya: Alex: Instagram: Kyoouya: Alex:
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    ASK ㅡ
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    I love YAOI! 😍💘😍
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    Hi~ I'm Fang Er or you can call me Ren Toshiro~OvO~ I'm a newbie cosplayer~ Please support me >/////<
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    I am a Mongolian cosplayer! I love ANIME&Cosplay& Kpop TWITTER :