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    Zero / VoN line ID zrzero costume Order 衣装製作します。^^ お問い合わせはメールないラインにください Line - zrzero Cure No.257023
  • Finland
    Hi! I'm Ilona, a 27-year-old junior high school teacher from Finland. I started cosplay in 2008, since then I've done quite a few lovely Final Fantasy ladys and minor characters with interesting stories. Costumes here are not in chronological order and some are still missing :) My cosplayblog (in Finnish at the moment, though with lots of pictures): Twitter @iloedeae And all the other places you can find me:
  • Japan
    Hello^^My name is ION Nice to meet you! こんにちは、イオンと申します。 I'm Japanese cosplayer,and want to make friend with cosplayer in the world^^ 【LOVE】:EVA,,Gintama,KILL la KILL,Tokyo Ghour,DANGANRONPA,Puella Magi Madoka,Toho,and more^^ ★twitter★ ★facebook★
  • Costa Rica
    Hey! I'm a cosplayer from Costa Rica, I hope you like my cosplays!
  • United Kingdom
    Hi, Im Luke, Im 21 and have a massive obsession with the Assassins Creed Franchise, I will be cosplaying many more AC characters over the next coming years! I have been cosplaying for about 2 years but been interested in it for about 3 I am a fun and relaxed type of person and respects what anyone does. All cosplay's are good one because people put time and effort into them, be it spending lots of money or slaving over a sewing machine :)
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    Costuming since 2005 :)
  • United Kingdom By day I work at a vets, at night... I'm a cat burglar.
  • United Kingdom
    I've been going to conventions for several years now but it wasn't until London Film and Comic Con in 2011 when I really started getting into cosplay. I prefer Comic book cosplay but I've been branching into movies, TV shows and video games with a Battlestar Galactica costume coming up soon and an OC costume for Assassin's Creed. Will be updating this profile more when I get a proper mouse since the tracker pad on my laptop is busted and doesn't like to do what I tell it to do
  • United Kingdom
    Hello and welcome to my page here on Worldcosplay. Long time cosplayer. Been cosplaying since 1990. I have worked as a costumer for theatre, private commissions and films. I have also been a cosplay judge and guest for several events. ♥Website♥ ♥Deviantart♥ ♥Cosplayisland♥ ♥♥ ♥Cure♥
  • United Kingdom
    Hello hello, names Spider, been cosplaying only since 2008. Preferred generas of interest are Comics, Movies and Video Games. Places to look for my of my costumes and whatever else: Also UK Cosplayers search for UK Cosplay on Facebook and join our growing community. -Spider
  • United Kingdom
    Hello! I'm Lady Bahamut, I'm 24 years old and I'm from the U.K I've been cosplaying for about 4 years now and still consider myself a beginner. I'm currently studying Graphic Design at university in Bristol. I love to play games and read manga. I'm a big CLAMP fan, so expect alot of cosplay's from their works!
  • France
    Hi; I'm LucioleS, french cosplayer since 2007. Currently student near Paris. I hope you will like my work ♥ -> My Facebook Page:
  • United Kingdom
    A gamer, cosplayer and cat-wrangler from Colchester, UK.
  • Japan
    >>> Favorite * Free! * VOCALOID * Ib ◆ Blog : ◆ Photopage : ◆ Cure : ◆ Archive : ◆ Layercloud : ◇ Free! Photobook : ◇ Ib Photobook : ◇ VOCALOID Miku ROM :
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    台湾で活動してます♪ 日本語・中国語OKです! 新しくツイッターはじめました。 ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Twitter (JP) :AchanToffee Face Book : Photo Blog (TW): Plurk (TW): ASK(TW・JP):