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KB (Baz Kaybee)
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  • Australia
    Hi everyone ^^ I'm from Brisbane, Australia. I'm definitely not the great cosplayer out there, but I like to give everything a pretty good go and do my best to have fun!
  • Australia
    Hihi!~ I'm Jessie. 22. Melbourne, Australia. I like Jojo's, Gintama & Hakuouki <3 Nice to meet you all! xo
  • Australia
    Hello! My name is Kara and I'm a cosplayer from Australia! I started cosplaying in 2013 (Yes I'm a newbie!) and I like to make my own cosplays :)
  • Australia
    Hiya~ Chinese cosplayer living in Melbourne~~ FB page: Flickr: Instagram @moko.63
  • Australia
    Hey I'm Taylah, Anime lover and Cosplayer from a small outback town of Australia. COSPLAY COLLECTION: 1. Misa Amane 2. Ciel Phantomhive 3. Kido SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: Tumblr: Deviantart: Twitter: Facebook Page:
  • Chile
    Hola! Soy Andy de Santiago de Chile, Cosplayer novato desde el 2012 hasta morir! Gamer, cinefilo, melomano. No soy fanático del anime pero tengo mis favoritos Espero gusten mis cosplays que espero sean variados y lo mas profesionales posibles para entregar un buen espectáculo Hi, I´m Andy from Santiago, Chile Rookie cosplayer started in 2012 Gamer, movies, music. I'm no anime fan but I have my favorites Hope you like my cosplays, I try be so professionals & give a most good show.
  • Australia
    I am a cosplayer from Australia. I do various types for cosplay in my free time, I'm still pretty new to cosplay but I try my best to portray the characters I cosplay. You can find me here:
  • United Kingdom
    Yo sup? I'm Ivan. 16 years old, Chinese British currently living in the United Kingdom, I'll try my best to cosplay both guys and girls. Seriously do feel free to add me and shitz :DD
  • Australia
    Hello! ♡ My CN is Alissa. I'm a Malaysian born, Australian cosplayer~ Apart from cosplay, I also love to dance! Nice to meet you~ INTSAGRAM | @babypingu_ FB PAGE | Thanks for visiting~ (*^▽^)/
  • Australia
    I love taking photos cx Photography: Instagram:
  • Australia
    Random cosplayer who likes to derp in front of the camera. Please visit my facebook page for the newest update (‐^▽^‐) [Cure] 308849 [Facebook] [Twitter] [Tumblr]
  • Singapore
    Cosplayer based in Singapore! Loves design and animation, crafting and sewing! FACEBOOK PAGE: MAIN SITE.: Cure: 28842 Archive : 2331 Deviant Art: wildmushrooms Weibo: darcypeggy
  • United States
    Hi, I'm Mur! I'm 23 years old, with a passion for sewing and acting, which makes cosplay the perfect hobby for me! I really love videogames and love cosplaying gijinkas of things, especially Pokemon. Add me on Facebook!: Add me on Twitter!: Add me on ACExperience/ACParadise!:
  • Australia
    Hi everyone! My name is Jayse, nice to meet you! I'm an Australian born Chinese who admires the Japanese culture (...just not all the stuffed up things they've come up with...). I enjoy listening to a variety of music and playing different sorts of electronical and recreational games. I'm also very eager in exploring new places and trying out different things as I believe life is a precious gift. Here's my FB page, please like!
  • Australia
    Hello, my name is Jenna. ♥ I'm 16 and I'm 151cm and 49kg. I live in the city of Melbourne. And im new to cosplay and have only been cosplaying for a year now. And getting more addicted to it the more I do it. 【Deviantart】: 【Facebook】: 【Tumblr】:
  • Australia
    I can draw some illustrations and manga! my pixiv ID→ and twitter ID→ cure→