Audrey (MusicalPie)
Hey guys ^^, so my name's Audrey and I started cosplaying 3 years ago.

My activities and other spare-times are sports, drawing, hanging out, music (all kind), sewing, dancing, watching movies/disneys/animate, video games, fashion.
my art blog:

I think I'm better at drawing than in cosplay, even if I have the impression to spend equal times at these two fun activities!
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  • NicknameAudrey
  • Gender Female
  • Country/RegionRépublique française
  • Birthday 01/26
  • Shieru
  • 地狱蝴蝶丸
  • YamiCecile
  • Pharaohmone
  • Jack Daniel
  • annary shining
  • Taylor Sasha
  • Amy
  • Taina
  • Shieru
  • YamiCecile
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  • Amy
  • Taylor Sasha