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白路リョウ (Ryo Byakuro)
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  • Indonesia
    hallo, just call me aryo / r.a.p for some reason I really like cosplay armor,tokusatsu,atc facebook Rizqi aryo(RAP) we accept orders for armor costume^^ if you want to know how me and the team to make the armor, just like the link MOE cosplay and have fun instagram aryorap
  • Indonesia Line Id : phankness
  • Indonesia
    Hey, I'm Fahmi from Indonesia. I'm just an ordinary medical student who loves cosplay (especially tokusatsu) in my leisure time. Nice to meet you all minna-san :D FB: Please kindly introduce yourself if you add me from WorldCosplay :)
  • Japan
    関東中心で活動しているコスプレおじさんです。 宜しくお願いします。 I am a Japanese cosplayer who lives in Senegal. I love a Anime & Comic. I beg your kindness. 【ARCHIVE】 【cure】
  • Thailand
    Hello everyone!!! My name is Pe.Nice to meet you.i'm a cosplayer from Thailand. i love cosplay but as you see i am fat!!!(T^T) ,so now what i should do....Ahh yeah! An armor suit! i learnt how to do armor suits from my brothers in C4team and started do it by myself on 2011. Hope you enjoy with it and feel free to come back everytime you want. Facebook : Skype : pefreedom
  • Malaysia
    微博: Deviantart: Cure:
  • Argentina
    Add me in My goal is to learn to make everything... specially the things I believe impossible. I want to become very skilled in every possible technique and create the "ultimate invincible cosplay" XD See you there! :)
  • Argentina
    Hi!my name is Gabriela, i'm from Argentina i'm cosmaker and i hope you like my cosplays ^^ my cosplay-page ~
  • Hong Kong
    Nice to meet you allヽ(。ゝω・)ノ★ Cosplayer from Hong Kong~ ★香港中心 ★衣装自作派 ★理想成為裁縫縫縫補補 ♥ Vocaloid ♥ EVA ♥ Puzzle & Dragons ♥ For the latest update, please visit my FB/ Cure, Thanks;3 --FB Page-- --Cure-- --DA--
  • Hong Kong
    【ALBUM】: ---------------------------------- こんにちは、飛鳥と申します! 香港在住、主に香港で活動♪ 日本語勉強中(´・_・`)... 趣味はメイクの研究、コスプレ、アニメ 多くの日本人友達になることは夢なんです(´・ω・`) / よろしくお願いします! --------------------------------- [宅] -クイーンズブレイド是本命 ****強氣御姐系大愛***** -石田彰,神奈延年,森久保祥太郎 =唯腐 咎狗の血 =初戀是HUNTER X HUNTER ---------- -怕陌生但聊下去會很聊得來(? -典型巨蟹寶寶 -搞笑系(咦? -愛化妝不等於是壞女孩 -本性單純善良(囧....
  • Taiwan
    【無苦庵】 前田慶次 沒有七年之病,不用三年之艾。 雲無心以出岫亦為詩,詩若無心花月亦不苦。 睏欲眠時晝亦眠,醒欲起時夜亦起。 若無登九品蓮台之慾,亦無墜八萬地獄之罪。 若盡情活到當活之日,死亡不過是退隱而已!
  • Taiwan
    hihi~ welcome to my Wonder Land :) 推特Twitter: 微博Weibo: Facebook:
  • Indonesia
    Hi there! I'm kidd, i'm newbie cosplayer Hope you like my costumes <3 Things i love: Cosplay, gaming, drawing, reading :D My deviantart: My facebook: thanks for passing by! <3
  • Hong Kong
    Twitter:@DanteLeung1 FB: weibo:
  • Mexico