Arstiea Citan (RASIJES)
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  • Malaysia
    Konnichiwa, I'm Aris, a hobbyist photographer from Malaysia~ Photography has been a hobby of mine since childhood, and since exploring the world of cosplay it has certainly opened up a whole dimension of possibilities for me... Would love to meet cosplayers and people of similar interest from around the globe~ ^^ My photo page:
  • Sweden
  • Chile
    Hi, i'm Arliette, i' m from Santiago of Chile, and i'm cosplayer for fun. I' m Graphic Designer too, a fandubber (I'm trying) and i love to create every cosplay that i used. Nice to meet you everyone :) ______________________________________________________ ~ Facebook ~ ~ Instagram ~ ~ Soundcloud ~
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    *Hi everyone...! -My name is "Farzad" Im a Persian Cosplayer,I think the first one ;) ! Well,its so nice to see you all and thanks for visiting my page ^_^ ! -Hope you guys enjoy of my works....! *Facebook: *Instagram: *Deviantarts:
  • Thailand
    I'm cosplayer.Nice 2 meet everyone. ^v^b
  • United States
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    I love anime, manga and cosplay
  • Thailand
  • Thailand
    Hello everyone, I'm Thang-gua from Thailand. My cosplayer name is 1090 (Tenko) I'm just a new cosplayer so advice me please ><; nice to meet you! and I think we can be friend <3 / sorry for my bad English (T.T) I will try to be better.