Arstiea Citan (RASIJES)
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    Love to watch anime and cosplay XD and Gintama's my fav anime XD I'm a 21 year old cosplayer and i've been cosplaying for a year I hope you like my Cosplay XD Next cons: MCM Telford 13th Feb 2016 MCM Liverpool 12th and 13th March 2016 MCM Birmingham 19th and 20th March 2016 MCM London 27th, 28th and 29th May 2016
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    Hello Everyone, Im M.J Nepacena ^_^ Welcome to my page Feel free to look around :) and feel free to add me or follow me on facebook :) i love chatting ^_^ lets be friends 【FB】: 【FB page】: i hope we could be good friends ^_^
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    ♥ !! Hello everyone !! ♥ Welcome to my room (*´>д<) ►►►►►►►♥(#^ω^) I'm K'Kojima ♫ ♥ (*´∀`*)ノ I'm 18 years old ►►►►►►►♥ (*≧∇≦*)♥ Nice to meet you(=゚ω゚)ノ (///▽///)ヾ♥.... .. .
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    Hi guys! I'm Kat, a french new cosplayer who love mangas and video games ! I started cosplay since june 2015 so don't be rude with me, I'll do my best :3 You can find me on facebook too : こんにちは! Katです! フランス人コスプレイヤです。 アニメ・ゲームがすきです! よろしくお願いします~ 私のFacebook :
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    Hi! I'm a cosplayer from Singapore. I like anime, games, and manga. please be my friend! thank you! よ!俺はシンガポールからのコスプレイヤーです。 アニメと漫画とゲームを好きです。 友達になって下さい! よろしくお願いします!
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