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東方竟魂 (CHIBI)
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    嗨嗨這裡是小米//// 目前雖然還沒cos..... 但日後會辦喔!!!!! 好愛好愛好愛大家的cosplay///// 目前還是路人甲還請您們多多指教(鞠躬
  • Indonesia
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    大家好我來自台灣,熱愛盔甲系列COSPLAY,尤其喜歡日本甲冑以及魔物獵人系列,加入這個網站的目的是希望能讓大家知道台灣也有熱愛MH盔甲的COSER,請大家多多指教 Facebook: 天空: deviantart: flickr:
  • Kau
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    小小業餘攝影師 還請多多指教~~ I am an amateur photographer You can give me advice and I would appreciate you. Facebook: Flickr:
  • Taiwan
    這裡是來自台灣的艾芙~ 歡迎搭訕交換連結。ヾ(@゜▽゜@)ノ Hello! This is 艾芙(GaiFu). Nice to meet you all. Thanks for liking my photos. みなさん、こんにちは。 私は艾芙です。 ご観覧に感謝いたします。 Plurk: Yam: FB:
  • Taiwan
    ❥ 名字:紫絃 ❥ 身高:151.6/體重:42 ❥ 生日:1999/5/15 ❥ 金牛 ❥ 興趣:Cospiay、烹飪、縫紉、繪畫、寫作、到處玩w 很高興認識大家,然後是個新手請多包涵owqq ❥ Plurk: ❥ fb: Plurk是最近才重新開始用的,歡迎戳友活絡一下我死寂的Plurk(哭 不過還是先請私密一下哦,謝謝www
  • Thailand
    Hello ! My name is Millennium , but you can call me Mile :) ... I'm so Friendly :D !! I like cosplay , anime , manga , draw picture etc. I live in Thailand . Thanks for follow me ! instagram : Millench twitter : Millench I just started cosplay , nice to meet you ;w; ...
  • Taiwan
    大家好!!算個渣渣><!!請多多指教!!!!!!!!!!! 我是個MOMO廚//// fb 噗浪
  • Sly
    Hello! Thanks for viewing, rating my photos and following. :D Just started cosplaying last September 2013. :) Still a newbie. :) Feel free to talk to me. I like friends. QwQ I do not bite so do not worry. <3
  • United States
    Hello there~ I'm Davey! I've been cosplaying for a total of 5 years but only recently have I started to branch out into cosplaying different characters from different series. I'm still learning, please be patient with me. Ask: Deviantart: Group Facebook: Facebook: Instagram: Daveydesu Tumblr: Twitter: @daveydesu
  • Taiwan
    大家好歐! 本人是小小一枚—尹月 有些人叫我筱嵐←被本人的朋友取的 還是"新手"一枚 新手,新手,新手歐 有待改進的地方請大家多多指教歐 よろしくね
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