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  • Poland
    HI^^ IM Yoru. Im 20 years old and im just small cosplayer from Poland. Welcome on my page If you want to join my community like my page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yoru-Dreamland/558336650966887?fref=ts
  • Philippines
    Hi, I'm Sumi! ✿ Anime lover. ✿ Foodie. ✿ Final Fantasy fan. ✿ Tea addict. Stalk me? https://www.facebook.com/sumirehana.cosplay/ https://instagram.com/sumirehana013/ http://sumirehana013.deviantart.com/ ☆~(ゝ。∂)
  • Chile
    Hola :) soy una cosplayer chilena que busca ser cada día mejor. --- Hi :) I'm a chilean cosplayer who seeks to be better every day.
  • Ash
  • Serbia
    Hello, I'm Marija Moricia. Welcome to my page. ~~~~Ori Cosplay!~~~~ Other social media: http://www.patreon.com/OriCosplay http://marijamorticia.tumblr.com/ http://www.facebook.com/AVATAR.designs https://www.facebook.com/marija.vampire
  • France
    Bonjour je suis photographe amateurs dans le monde du cosplay et aussi cosplayeuse depuis 4 ans Hello I am an amateurish photographer in the world of the cosplay and also cosplayers since 4 years j'ai une page dédié au photo que je fais lors des convention et shooting I have a page dedicated in photo that I make during agreement(convention) and shooting https://www.facebook.com/Lolihangel-Photocosplay-467219170067059/
  • Paraguay
    Hello , I'm cosplayer , cosplayer model , photographer in my hobbies I love anime and games , greeting from Paraguay go through my facebook page and instagran こんにちは、私は私のFacebookのページとinstagranを通過パラグアイからの挨拶、私はアニメやビデオゲームを愛して私の趣味でコスプレイヤー、コスプレイヤーモデル、カメラマンです ?Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/usagi72600/ ?Facebook page : https://m.facebook.com/Usagi-Cosplay-339678659557807/ ?Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/usagi72600 ?Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/usagi72600
  • Viet Nam
    hi! iam Kan8128 ^^~
  • Russia
    I'm いしだりゅのすけ cosplayer and cosmaker beginner. Cosplay is my lovely hobby.I love *BLEACH*!I love Ishida Uryuu so much!~°∆°~Enjoy!I want to make friends with cosplayers from all around the world. Sometimes I use my second nickname TerajimaGota. ありがとう?! My FB page https://www.facebook.com/prinzvonlicht9?__nodl http://ishidaryunoske.deviantart.com
  • New Zealand
    Hi, I'm Sabrina. I love cosplay so much Nice to meet you.
  • United Kingdom
  • Brazil
    Hi! I'm from Brazil and I love cosplays and animes. "A vida é uma peça de teatro que não permite ensaios. Por isso, cante, chore, dance, ria e viva intensamente, antes que a cortina se feche e a peça termine sem aplausos." -Charlie Chaplin
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
    Hi, my name is Karw. I'm newbie cosplayer from Thailand. Please to meet you Here're my facebook https://www.facebook.com/KarwaraKurosawa i'm hope that you and me could be friend ^^ สวัสดีคร๊าบ กระผม ข้าวโอ๊ตฮะ เป็นนักคอสเพลย์ฝึกหัด ฝากเนื้อฝากตัวด้วยคร๊าบผม หวังว่าเธอกับฉันจะเป็นเพื่อนกันน่ะ ^^
  • Brazil
    Fan Page Facebook https://www.facebook.com/gislaine.cordeiro.90/ twitter: @gih_shinigami ^^