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Fuu (Fuu)
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    my base, your pace
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    Hi! I'm Mihashi Rei, Thai cosplayer. My FB Cos Page: Twitter: Deviantart: Cure No. 316509 Sleeping Forest Team: My Blog(Thai Language only): Nice to meet you all^^
  • Taiwan
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    Im A, Pet Lover, Graphic Designer, Artist, Techie, Gamer, Music Lover, and Proud Otaku. in short im Geeky [FB] [Twitter]
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    Hello everyone~ I'm a cosplayer from British Columbia, Canada. Most active on instagram @shawnakari Hope to be friends!
  • Russia
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    Call me Slim Cee! I'm a young man from Vietnam. Facebook: My hobbies are: Cosplay, Hip-Hop, and Writing, I'd love to see your feedback about my cosplays. Thank you all <3
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  • Taiwan
    皆さんこんにちは、私は観月麻呂です、台湾から来ました どうぞよろしくお願いします! Hello! My name is Maro Mitsuki. Come from Taiwan. Nice to meet you! 最近SAO、VOCALOID系和ニコニコ重度中毒~~ 比較常參加台灣的FF & PF的同人誌活動~ 希望來這邊和更多同好認識交流~請多多指教唷~ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ FaceBook 天空相簿-CosPlay
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