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    started cosplaying at the age of 13 :''D im just starting so i hope you guys take good care of me <3 \(^___^)/ thanks for visiting! leave a like too ne? :3
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  • Philippines
    はじめまして!私の名前は燐です。(人●´ω`●) Hello, my name is Rin. Nice to meet you! Artist & Cosplayer ✿ Twitter: ✿ Tumblr: ✿ Facebook: ✿ Pixiv:
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    Hello! My name is Beatriz but feel free to call me Bee(-chan) haha. I'm an otaku, dorky bookworm and a hardcore gamer. I love ROMANCE genres, that's why I like anime that involves a lot of romance and reverse harem. I look up to a lot of cosplayers and find them a great inspiration!
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  • Malaysia
    Hello everyone~~!! I'm Hanna from Malaysia. I haven't start any cosplay yet but considering doing it in future. For now I'm only focusing in cosplay photography. I'm friendly, and I love to talk with people who has same interest with me. Nice to meet you~ (^_^)
  • Mexico
    Hi my name is Norma (Hanji) I am from Mexico city . I would like that you visit my page:
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    Hong Kong
    yooooooooooooooooo! I am MEI, you can call me PANDA too XDD Hong Kong cosplayer Plurk:MEI34567(MEI呠) Tsang)
  • Singapore
    恥ずかしい ☆ (*´・ω・)ノ hello!
  • Philippines
    Hello! I am new to cosplaying but I love the beauty and art it expresses :) I'm more of a newbie-closet cosplayer person and just loves running around in costume whether I have a special event to attend to or not :) Here's some info: NAME: Lei Suzanne NICKNAME: Rei AGE: 18 GENDER: female HOME: Philippines OCCUPATION: student HOBBIES: drawing, photography, reading, sight seeing, playing video games, watching anime FAVORITE ANIME: One Piece MESSAGE FOR YOU: Let's be friends! :)
  • Malaysia
    Konichiwa~~ Watashi Tsubasa desu~~~ Kyouwade yoroshiku onegaishimasu~~~ 你好~~这里是翼的说~~ 今后就多多指教咯~~ Facebook :