luna (lunanekoi)
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    ※I don't make cosplay temporary at present.※ The copyright holder of a photograph is me(HYG). Don't use a picture selfishly. 【tumblr】 【BLOG】 Cure,facebook and twtr aren't registered.
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    悠司yuuji hello,my name is Yuuji,I'm a cosplay from China.Hope you can enjoy my work. 【cure】Cure No. 350984 【weibo】
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    =WELCOME= sina weibo 666咲 cosplay offical BLOG : instagram:sakiii666 tumblr:sakiii666 twitter: domen461012 instagram: saki666666 Summer in Beijing Rest of the year in London
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    ぎゃるげえろげ&アイドルマスターシリーズ&ネオロマンスがだいすきです(*´ェ`*) 【藤林杏さま・やよいP&かな子P&享介みのり春名P・有川譲くん】 えろげメーカーはKeyとアリスソフトとNavelとROOTがお気に入りです(´∀`)
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    Hello! I'm Monster Cosplayer. 創作オリジナルと過剰装飾 人外系モンスターレイヤーです
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    Hong Kong
    This is 帝/TEI's WC page. I am now staying in Hong Kong (香港). fb: instagram: tei0312 It's a pleasure to meet you. 請多多指教。 よろしくおねがいします。 Love: ダイヤのA、saint seiya, slam dunk、魔法少女, creamy mami, HXH, 絕愛bronze, ガラスの仮面, 花より男子, 少女マンガ etc.
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    coser name :達也 chinese Sina micro-blog: I am willing to make friends with you.
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    Please do not reprint without my permission. 金髪銀髪萌えのコーラ厨です。 最近は姫空木とVALSHEにどっぷり浸かっています。 まだ始めたばかりで使い方わかっていませんが よろしくお願いします。 Hello.I am Kanade. I'm Japanese cosplayer. I live in Tokyo. I enjoy making my costumes and taking pictures. Nice to meet you all! :) twitter:@wa_ke_wakame blog: realtime: Flicker:
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    おかっぱが大好き。 I love OKAPPA!!!
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    ✿ Album: ✿ facebook:https:
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    3D Animator & Cosplay Photographer BLOG - WEIBO - DeviantART - STUDIO - Welcome to contact with me for PHOTOGRAPHY or ANIMATION ! Location: San Francisco,Shanghai, Beijing E-MAIL -
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    Love it Kill it. Follow us:
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    My name is REIJI. I'm a cosplayer in Japan. ★twitter⇒@seizetu_tosa