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    sorry guys i know i dont have any cosplays up yet but hopfully i soon will :)
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    Hello.I'm Vina. I'm a cosplayer also a cosplay photographer from Taiwan. Hope you will like my cosplay and photography. My favorite anime is zone-00 and Trinity Blood. 你好,這邊是Vina 為台灣coser兼女攝 希望你會喜歡我的cos及攝影作品:) 最有愛的是零之地帶zone-00和聖魔之血 歡迎加fb交流勾搭約拍XDDD flickr(攝影作品):https://www.flickr.com/photos/58585595@N04/
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    A Chinese Cosplayer . You Can CALL Me Meko :-D WB:http://weibo.com/2874093260/profile 半次元:http://bcy.net/cn114539 想起了就来w
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    Hong Kong
    This is kri from Hong Kong. Nice to meet you all☆ PLURK: http://www.plurk.com/kri1
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    Hi!! I'm Rimagi.I come from Thailand.I love Anime and Cosplay. Love you :))
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    喜歡一次過更新的人WWW 正在補回過去的COS 基本上都只有速報而已||||| ALBUM:: http://album.blog.yam.com/DreamingTime CURE:: 280804 題外:孩子我是男角派..女角不是不出..但就是很少QAQ 產量愈來愈少(??坑卻愈來愈多XD""" 妝+後期基本上都是自己化的,我就不特別點選化妝/後期 [那裡都好更新很少就是|||]
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    稱呼隨意、どちら呼んでもいいですヾ(●゜▽゜●)♡ 台灣人、友達を作るのが好きです。 日本語は習いますから、話すことができます。 But English is very very very poor.:;(∩´﹏`∩);: 近期熱衷 ☞ Unlight、League of Legends、カゲロウプロジェクト、AxisPowersヘタリア、SoundHorizon ===== 主更新站 ☞ http://akimayuri.weebly.com/ Plurk ☞ http://www.plurk.com/akiohana1217 廢話集中 ☞ https://www.facebook.com/MayurixSenka
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    Hi! I'm Gloria, hope you like my work as I do :3, you can visit me at https://www.facebook.com/Wondercos?ref=hl <3
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    Hello I'm Katja Cosplay hope you enjoy my work and have so much fun as a do :3 Kissu (>///<)
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    Cosplayer from Singapore! Will start submitting pictures by next month,maybe? (><)U Facebook:Akio lin(quite active here) Skype: ShotaSasuke(kinda active,not as active as on Facebook) Instagram: Akio lin (I don't really use this....quite inactive here) Email: Nurmazuraabdullah@gmail.com(I don't really reply to this,but I do sometimes! ) Do contact me if you are in singapore and would like to do a collab with me (via facebook is the best)!
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