Shy Den (Dragonblade)
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  • France
    Le cosplay est un art et n'a de limite que celle de l'imagination Facebook page :
  • Spain
    Age 20 ^---^ y ble ble ble
  • Taiwan
    Hello, I am Teru. I just start to do cosplay so I am not very good yet. My Twitter account: teru5791
  • Taiwan
    Mofu. Taiwanese cosplayer. cure : No. 316932 Plurk: http// Cos blog:
  • Finland
    I´am cosplayer from from finland. -I´m a grossplayer, because i can. (NO! It dosen´t mean, i got no boobs,..g´moon you perv..) -I want to prove, that.. Crosplay is bossible. -you have arrived to my offical gallery. Fixtion world was made for dreaming. &
  • Brazil
    Hello! I'm a Brazillian cosplayer that loves JJBA, Gundam and some other strange things. deviantART: tumblr: Curecos: Twitter: @peacemakergirl
  • Brazil
    COSPLAY hatsune miku Elven Fairy princess tutu - Ahiru sheryl nome - macross frontier sakura card captors- Tomoyo sakura card captors - Sakura Kinomoto ''Luka - sandplay'' ''Puella Magi Madoka Magic -Mami project'' ''marina ismail-gundam 00 project'' ''SeeU-vocaloid project'' STYLE Lolita Pin up Celtic