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Oberleutnant Salz (Okukichi Tamashiro)
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  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong ppl Airsoft players Film student WWII/USMC ファン
  • Indonesia
    For some, there's only a thin line between cosplay and Reenactment. But believe me...these two things are totally different ;-)
  • Thailand
    Hi... My name is Art. You can call me "Takao". I'm cosplayer from Thailand. Nice to meet you all. ^ ^
  • Thailand
    My name is greich (ไกด์) Cosplay in Thailand(bankkok) Started first 5/8/2012
  • Japan
    インディジョーンズのトートと軍服コスをしています。 軍服はナチSSです。 こちらのサイトは海外の方も多いので、軍服コスは今のところあげてません。 アーカイブ、cureやってます(そっちでは軍服もあげてます) Hello I have a tote of Indiana Jones and uniform costs. I have archives, but cure. Uniform cosplay photo archive You can see, in the cure. This is the English translation of the English text Google. I'm sorry for the dub. Archive · · · cure · · · · · · Thank you!
  • Japan
    コスプレと歴史再現を始めて10年近くなります。 濃いネタが多いですが、興味のある方は是非ご覧ください。
  • Solomon Islands
  • Chile
    Holaaa :D
  • Italy
    Ciaossu, I'm Hayato, an italian cosplayer, I wish you enjoy my photos!! ;) Till now I have cosplayed Kaito, Gokudera, Tyki Mikk and Gilbert Nightray and now I'm thinking for new cosplay!! I speak Italian, English, a bit of Spanish and I'm trying to learn Japanese!! If you would like to contact me you're welcome!! :) はじめましたアントニオです!! イタリアのコスプレイヤーです!! OTHER ACCOUNT: Facebook: Cure:
  • Indonesia
    hope we can be friends~
  • Mexico
    * Future Wildlife Veterinarian , Sherlocked , Gamer , half time COSPLAYER , movies , read , writing , party. Tambien se habla español ° Working hard to improve in this great world of the cosplay but for now my career goes first :) Thank you so much for passing by! :D Twitter -->!/MelyHeidern Facebook --> Tumbrl -->