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    Hi Everyone its Jason Nickname: Yuki Kun Age: 23 Australia, Melbourne What I like: Maids <3 <3 <3 I want to make friends with all cosplayers around the world and would love to chat to everyone d^o^b MY NEW DEVIANT ART SKETCHES:
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    Ying HK coser owo Clmap<3
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    Nice to meet new friends ;) thankyou all of my cosplayer friends around the world for mark my picture as favorite and following me, i love you all ^.^
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    NICE TO MEET YOU >O< Pinterest:
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    大家好,我叫彌敦 :3 係個攝+Coser
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    Hi ! I'm Kuro, french cosplayeur since November 2014. I'm still a beginner yet but I learn fast enough and I hope I'll soon impove my skills ! By the way since I actually don't sew my own outfit, I buy most of my cosplay on internet ! So that you guys are aware that I don't make my own cosplay ! That being said, nice to meet you ! I hope you'll enjoy my cosplays ! Here is my facebook page for those who are interested ;)
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