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Yonor (Yonor)
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  • United States
    Name: Hushy Plushy Nationality: Chinese + Japanese Country: United States of America Cosplay List: Sasuke Uchiha, Sesshomaru, Gintoki Sakata, Chikage Kazama, Sebastian Michaelis, Kouen Ren, Squall Leonhart, Naruto Uzumaki, Tomoe, Itachi Uchiha, Find me at: Facebook: Store: Twitter: Instagram: http://instagram/hushyplushy
  • Viet Nam
  • Singapore
    Hello everyone, I'm a cosplayer from Singapore^^ Nice to meet you all! 哈咯~ 我是个新加坡的cosplayer,请大家多多指教!:D ども皆さん、こんにちわ!秋野優紀です、よろしくお願いします!(@^_^@) Facebook:
  • Taiwan
  • Malaysia
    a cosplayer, photographer and a dreamer :) fb page: Cure ID: 344357
  • Russia
    Russian otaku
  • Taiwan
    壯哉我大天策府 , 一入天策 , 永為忠魂
  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Viet Nam
  • United States
    Tomomi Cosplay USA-Live to ride & ride to live-ride to live Cosplay
  • Brazil
    Hi, My name is Jeff. I am not a cosplayer but I like to view and appreciate this art. I usually do a few editing jobs. Here I will upload some of the photos I take in cosplay conventions. Feel free to get in touch at anytime. You can find me at: Site: deviantART: Tumblr: Take care ^^
  • Singapore
  • Myanmar
    Hi, I'm Nay Aung Latt! I cosplay for the first time at Singapore - Anime Festival Asia 2011 (as Keima from TWGOK) and had been cosplaying ever since. I own a video game shop and also host a weekly video game show and shoot videos at Cosplay event for our local TV Network. I also love to collect Anime figures and help out with hosting Cosplay events in Myanmar - Comic Party events etc., Facebook (You can also find videos of local cosplay events) >
  • Indonesia