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    Hi. I'm Sarielle. Hope to be friends with you guys. ^_^ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MeikoSarielle Deviantart(s): http://amnesia-atis.deviantart.com/ , http://sarielle-rei.deviantart.com/ and http://xyn-chan.deviantart.com/ Cure Cosplay: http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=340257
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    大三醫學生 從雲林到台北讀書,現居北投。 平日娛樂就是看twitch、看動漫、 玩小遊戲、慢跑、重訓。 http://home.gamer.com.tw/homeindex.php?owner=a81092201
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    my website. ↓↓↓ http://mari12121991.weebly.com/
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    Hola!!! (*3*)/
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    大家好我是海冥:D 台灣的cosplayer>O<!!! 目前大多數的更新都會放在這裡 歡迎大家和我交流:D This is Meko,a cosplayer from Taiwan. Thanks for viewing my page, only can speak a little English TDT. Nice to meet you! 半次元: http://bcy.net/cn109486 Photo: http://mekoloveryo.wordpress.com/ plurk: http://www.plurk.com/mekoloveryo mail: mekoloveryo@gmail.com Cure: http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=190581
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