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カップラメン (Tim)
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  • Taiwan
    小妹只是一個喜歡cosplay的普通人✡ 粉絲團:
  • Thailand
    Hello everyone, My name is Karael and I'm living in Thailand. I'm 100% male <,< so no need to be curious. You can also follow me via the followings: facebook page: twitter:
  • Singapore
  • China
    I am a cosplayer Live in Guangzhou,China You can call me HAKU☆ Nice to meet u❤ 新浪微博ID:HAKU_井小白小井 sina weibo: ★☆交流大歓迎です!Communication welcome!★(*ω`*)☆ |❤|
  • Singapore
    I'm Jun from Singapore ヽ(o^o^o)ノ Facebook: Cosplay Amino: Jun Hoshino Instagram: junhoshino Cure No.: 309139
  • Singapore
    Hey there, My online nickname is Angelus, cosplayer cosplayer from Singapore. I am mostly into the Westen Cosplay like Aspen, MARVEL and etc. To see more of my cosplay stuff vist: Lord Angelus Daily Twitter ガ━━Σ(゜Д゜|||)━━ン!! : Geek Girl Gummy Galimatias's Autograph Collection Neo tokyo Project:
  • Japan
    Cosplayer name: Martha(マーサ) Writer name: ASAHI Martha(旭まあさ) Comic artist location: TOKYO, Japan Facebook: Twitter: Cure: Cos-Archive: Weibo:
  • Chile
    Hi guys! I'm a university student who loves watching anime reading manga, drawing, painting and playing videogames. Now I wanna be a cosplayer too, can I? As you can see, I'm starting, so my cosplays aren't as nice as yours. I hope I can improve them! If you own a pixiv account, feel free to visit my gallery! ☆Pixiv Account:
  • Hong Kong
    My name is Alice.I'm a cosplayer from Hong Kong. Nice to meet all of you~If you like my cosplay's photo,let become friend~ my facebook; 我叫月兔`我是...一隻崩崩的兔子... 請大家多多指教!`有興趣的話,可加小兔的facebook做朋友哦~ 私の名前は月兎です。私香港cosplayer,どうぞよろしく!
  • Singapore
    Hi!! I am Laki Stellar and I have been cosplaying since 2008. I hand sew almost all my costumes and make all of my props myself. I especially love making extremely large weapons! I have not been to many photoshoots, but I hope to change that in future. I hope to make more cosplaying friends here! Feel free to add me on Facebook! My CURE ID is 98457. ^^ Deviantart is Tumblr is
  • Singapore Mail:
  • Singapore
    Artist|Illustrator|Cosplayer English/Chinese/Japanese all OK! Feel free to talk to me! ; w ;
  • Australia
    I'm from Hongkong and I lived in Singapore for 6 years, and I'm moving to Australia in 2013 Feb. Forever a newbie~ 我是Kariya / 卡梨芽。 Started cosplaying since November 2011. ⋯⋯真不知道自我介绍该说什么阿OTL(喂) 那么⋯请叫我路人甲。(蠕走) dA: cure: 303412 facebook: weibo: Birthday: 26/05/1993 Favorites: Macross Frontier, Fairy Tail, Rave, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dynasty Warriors Email:
  • Singapore
    DA: Cure:
  • Singapore
    Hello (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) My name is Yumi (`・ω・´)” Just another cosplayer from SINGAPORE!I love meeting new people from different countries. Hope we can be friends! // FB PAGE DEVIANT ART CURE 261744 TWITTER
  • Hong Kong
    FACKBOOK:Caki Miyari 天空: 微博:很帥氣的美代璃-www-(名字.) 歡迎+好友作交流>www</