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  • China
    爱cosplay爱动漫爱家宅!coser加摄影娘,妆娘加裁缝!是2.5次元生物的一只腐女子! 请大家多多关照! どうぞよろしくお願いします! Please take care!
  • Malaysia
    FB personal page: https://www.facebook.com/evangeline.tong FB cosplay page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Akiko-Cosplay-and-Sharing-Page/412188465559820
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  • Malaysia
    I'm Noko, from Malaysia, nice to meet you all~ (´・ω・`) 諾子在此,來自馬來西亞華裔 coser,還請各位多多指教…… ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
  • Malaysia
    Hi, My friends call me Wan, I'm from Malaysia Been cosplaying since 2009 debuted as persona4 protag casually and been improving myself since then. I am a member of Shin Megami Tensei Cosplay Group in Malaysia https://www.facebook.com/groups/286828037998699/ Kindly check out the link above. check out my Cure Account too http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=327241 Yoroshiku!
  • Malaysia
    Forever Newbie of Cosplay and Photography~
  • Malaysia
    Hi Richiyo here :) I'm from Malaysia and I love cosplay very much XD Nice to meet you all ^w^ 大家好, 这里是Richiyo/小蝶ww 我来自马来西亚请大家多多指教233 很高兴认识你们 XDD Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/richiyo.luka.5?ref=tn_tnmn Twitter: https://twitter.com/RichiyoLuka Weibo: http://www.weibo.com/5091876866/profile?topnav=1&wvr=5 MSN: https://profile.live.com/cid-98f02093929c7d84/
  • Malaysia
    Red tea :)
  • Malaysia
    這裡是涼夏~~ ヾ(*°∀°)ノ 來自馬來西亞的Cosplayer~ ヽ(*´∇`*)ノ 請多指教!!♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡ Hi, I'm Ryouka~ Cosplayer From Malaysia~ よろしくお願いします! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ryouka.k Twitter: @ryouka_k Weibo: @涼夏_真琴麻吉大天使 Cure No. 365163
  • Malaysia
    Weibo - http://www.weibo.com/ashleykazuki Cure - http://ja.curecos.com/profile/?ch=326352 Archive - http://www.cosp.jp/prof.aspx?id=289077
  • Malaysia
    Hi.I'm VengK. A Dagger lover///// I love Andrej Pejic and Guns N' Roses!
  • Singapore
    Hi! I'm a cosplayer from Singapore ^-^ ~ Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqqeSaZby2pmXdaYme_Ax3Q/videos Instagram: chocoy_ Cure: 372305
  • Italy
    :Typical Otaku:
  • Malaysia
    Konichiwa~~Mio here!Nice to meet U all!! 大家好这里是Mio!请多多指教!! 最喜欢青黄酱!Aoki Let me Burn!!
  • Malaysia
    ■twitter:https://twitter.com/Sekiya0218acc ■新浪微博:http://www.weibo.com/3182357953