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Kamui (Svetlana Quindt)
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  • Austria
  • Germany
    Hey there! <3 I am a german freak- addicted to Cosplay and Games ! You can also find me at : Hope u have fun at my page! :*
  • United States
    I'm going to fill this lovely little thing full of cosplays one day, but for now they'll all be on my deviantart :)
  • Mexico
    Do not concern yourself with my origin, my race, or my ancestry. Seek my record in the pits, and then make your wager.
  • Bangladesh
    Hello! Cosplaying is more than a hobby for me.. it's a passion :) i also like to draw and play video games :) Achievements in cosplay: 3rd place as Harley Quinn- Dhaka Comic con 2012 1st Place as Mystique from x-men evolution- Dhaka pop culture expo 2013 1st Place in a group cosplay of Wilma Flintstone (me) and Betty Rubble (Monisha Momtaz)- Unmad JCC comic-con 2013 2nd place in the "best crafting" catagory as Wonder Woman- Unmad JCC comic-con 2014
  • Hungary
    I'm a hungarian cosplayer, costumier and graphic artist. Thank you for visited my page, feel free to comment!
  • Germany
    I am from Germany and Cosplay since 2 Years. Love Games, Anime and Manga.
  • Uruguay
    Hi! My name is Victoria, im from uruguay *Deviant Profile - *Facebook page: *Curecos: *acparadise:
  • Uruguay
    Hi! This is Veronica, usually known as Kai in the internets, and always under therealkaichan, I admit I haven't used the handle for a while but some people know me as that so I'm keeping it around. I've been a cosplayer and cosmaker for four years now (started in November 2010 and I can't count because I had written five years instead, hahaha), and I look forward to many many more years. Facebook:
  • Uruguay
    Hi there, I'm Kelly and I've been cosplaying since 2008. I'd like to learn a lot but I don't really have that much time to cosplay now as I'm studying and working at the moment... Ask any questions you want and I'll try to help you (: Hope you like my work! I'm much more active on facebook facebook: tumblr: DA:
  • Brazil
    Hi, I'm Carolina Miranda. Just wanted to bring some of my work to you guys ;) Thanks for everyone who liked :') Facebook page:
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
    Hello world and welcome to our site! BeCos is a cosplay-couple from Germany/ Saarbrücken :) We started in 2013 with cosplay - raw recruits - for creating costumes for the fark 2014, a convention as new as BeCos is. As expected we totally fell in love with cosplay and we're always working on new costums (too many ideas in so litte time D:) We hope you enjoy our "young" cosplays and follow our development :)
  • Germany
    Welcome to my Worldcosplay Site. I'm a German Cosplayer from Munich. Visit my Facebook Page:
  • Germany
    Hi guys, I'm Tsubaki a Cosplayer from germany. 2014 i started to make Cosplays by myself. You can also find me on Facebook, DeviantArt and Tumblr! Facebook: DeviantArt: Tumblr:
  • Canada
    An actor in China, a gamer in Taiwan, and a cosplayer in Canada. Been in Cosplay since 2009. Don't have much interests in mainstream stuff, so I don't produce cosplay pics that often. Instead, might have some acting work pics. Addict gamer, will Twitch a little sometime. 在大陸是演員,在台灣是Gamer,在加拿大是Cosplayer. 2009開始COS 對主流不太感興趣,所以不會常出照。反而會有一些工作劇照。 遊戲癮君子,有時會Twitch實況。