Kamui (Svetlana Quindt)
  • France
    Hi ! I'm a french cosplayer and a huge League of Legends fan, but I also like games in general. I hope you'll like my work ~
  • Germany
    Hey there, I'm Javilia, a german cosplayer only a beginner ^^ Next Cosplay: Chise Hatori / Mahoutsukai no Yome Next Con: Animuc 2018 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JaviliaCosplay/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/javiliacosplay/
  • Spain
    My name is Alejandra (a.k.a. Anhyra) and I'm an artist and cosplayer from A Coruña, a beautiful city in the northwest of Spain. I started cosplaying back in 2013! I love this form of art and I hope you enjoy my works and tutorials! Follow me at: · Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnhyraCosplay · Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnhyraCosplay · Instagram: https://instagram.com/AnhyraCosplay/
  • Chile
    Hey people! Well, I don't want to make know my name so--- it's in my perfil? Oh crap.... Any way. I live in Santiago de Chile, cosplayer since 2005 and this... is my little cosplay room =D. I'm really sorry for this old pictures and photos... my economy doesn't help so much since I live by my own, but I promise, i will make better costumes and awesome photos! =D FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/Thezenakushow
  • Hungary
    Meriel, a hungarian cosplayer. Welcome here ^^ I am active here: facebook.com/MerielCosplay and instagram.com/moonbunnyb
  • Brazil
    Olá, hello, 안녕!~ PT: Experimentando, aprendendo e se divertindo a cada dia. : ) EN: I'm a brazilian cosplayer and props-crafter currently based in Brazil. I had some fun in South Korea in 2015/2016. Come and walk around, I don't bite.~ ; ) For a bit of spam of work-in-progress pictures, check out here: https://www.facebook.com/kimchi.bunny.sz
  • Czech Republic
    HI, I´m Prue and I come from Czech republic (Czechia). My name is Jana Šťovíčková and I devoted cosplay over nine years. I´m graphic designer and I study Chemistry technology university on Pardubice specialization Polygrafie (printing machine, printing process and chemistry colors). Please feel tell to me would really love to chat with you or ever see on any international event in Europe. www.facebook.com/prueczcosplay
  • Russia
    Welcome to WrightBeatCosplay! We are Elanor-Elwyn & Yoshitsune - couple of Russian cosplayers from Moscow, Russia. • FB • www.facebook.com/WrightBeatCosplay • DA • www.elanor-elwyn.deviantart.com • www.yoshitsunewrightbeat.deviantart.com • VK • www.vk.com/WrightBeatCosplay • IG • www.instagram.com/elanor_elwyn_wrightbeat • www.instagram.com/y.o.s.h.i.t.s.u.n.e • TW • www.twitter.com/ElanorElwyn • www.twitter.com/Triger777 • PrintShop • soon • E-Mail • WrightBeatCosplay@gmail.com
  • Belarus
  • Spain
    Hi,my name is Yôko,I live in Sevilla and I am a cosplayer eager to learn and improve myself. I hope to go up increasingly better photos (◕‿◕) http://yoko-kyuketsuki.webnode.es/ @nereagamero Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yokokyuketsuki/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/NereaGamero https://www.facebook.com/YokoKyuketsuki/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Pertenezco a la asociación Cosplay Day Out Sevilla: https://www.facebook.com/Cosplay-Day-Out-Sevilla-760660110746575/?fref=ts
  • Tunisia
    Hello! i'm Gati, 25, Hungarian and Tunisian , and i'm Graphic Designer & Photorapher, FB : https://www.facebook.com/gatiprod1 Flickr : https://www.flickr.com/photos/gatiprod Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/gatiprod1/
  • Switzerland
    My name is Patrick aka Red-Pym cosplay. I come from the Basel region in Switzerland. I am actually a cosplay beginner, since I started in early 2016. Since I am a great Marvel, resp. Ant-man fan, it was obvious to deal with this figure. I am a real detail freak and with my work I want to make the figures as real as possible to life. I think I succeed quite well.
  • Estonia
    Estonian based cosplayer with passion towards making over complicated game costumes <3 Follow me on my social media to see new costumes and progress photos! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/effymiacosplay/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/effymia/
  • Germany
    Hey, my name is Sabina aka Violet Cosplay! I'm a German 18 years old girl cosplaying since 2013. ^-^ Hope you like my work
  • Argentina
    Hello! i'm Leillu. Cosplayer, Cosmaker and Propmaker. Art Student. 23. Argentina. https://www.facebook.com/LeiluCosplayLSA/
  • Canada
    Cosplayer from Quebec. I take commissions and sell props. I offer any advice I can give and make tutorials. In the future I want to judge the masquerade and help people learn while doing so. I've been making all my stuff from scratch since 2015, and started making armor and props since 2014.